6/8/2022 – What is ‘normal’?

ADMIN: After living in Kyiv, Ukraine, for a number of years, Jamie Peipon was a volunteer for the MTW Ukraine Crisis Response Team in Krakow helping as a driver of aid into Ukraine and translator. He and his Ukrainian born wife, Dasha, and 2 children reside in Jackson, Mississippi, where Jamie is the Assistant Minister of Music and Worship at First Presbyterian Church.

From Jamie Peipon: In the picture you can see a small Ukrainian child riding down what is left of the sidewalk on his toy car. It is unfathomable that the scenes in the background are now just “normal” for this child. Death and destruction are all around. The death tolls continue to increase as the UN estimates that there are a few thousand confirmed civilian deaths but admits the actual figure is surely much greater. Over this weekend, there were reports of dead civilians pulled out of the rubble of buildings that were bombed back in February. 

In addition, there are fresh reports of a new Ukrainian counteroffensive in the south of Ukraine near Kherson. There have apparently been a few small towns taken back by Ukraine that might be used as a springboard to split the Russian offensive into two parts. If successful, this could be the bridgehead for taking back the city of Kherson.

“For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.”

Compiled for VOU by Leanne Portzel

3 responses to “6/8/2022 – What is ‘normal’?”

  1. 💙💛
    “Here we have no abiding city, but we look for a heavenly one…God is not ashamed to be called their god, for He had prepared for them a city.” Hebrews


  2. Unfathomable seeing this juxtaposition in this photo between death and life, evil and good. Been praying God would bring beauty from ashes. Isaiah 61:3.


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