6/13/2022 – One more Crates for Ukraine Delivery to Krakow

One Texas-based couple took advantage of their two teenage kids being off to camp, to become a critical link in the Crates for Ukraine supply chain. ‘Crates for Ukraine’ (US focused) and ‘Aid for Ukraine’ (Europe focused) were programs created to increase the volume of critically needed supplies needed in Ukraine.  Rex and D’Ann Moxley live in the Dallas, Texas, area and are members of Park Cities Presbyterian Church.  They heard about the need for ‘couriers’ from the church which has been helping to promote and mobilize the collection and transport of crates to Krakow, Poland. 

D’Ann & Rex Moxley in the HQ of the MTW Crisis Response Team in Krakow

Rex, a partner in an investment firm, and D’Ann, an art teacher, decided to get involved.  Their quick 2-night stay in Krakow was worth the effort.  They brought 12 crates of basic hygiene and medical supplies to Krakow and within a few days, the crates were on the way into Ukraine to L’viv and unloaded in a newly acquired warehouse.  

Church members sorting at the new warehouse in L’viv

The sorting is done by members of the L’viv church where Doug Shepherd is the MTW team leader.  From the warehouse, vans will be loaded, and supplies taken to areas in Ukraine further east, areas where the ravages of war have created the greatest needs. 

Unloading van from Krakow

During their short stay in Krakow, members of the Crisis Response Team welcomed the the Moxleys, collected their crates, got them settled at the hotel where they would stay for two nights.  It was a joy having the Moxleys in Krakow and sharing with them the ‘big’ picture of how Crates for Ukraine is helping our Ukrainian brothers and sisters.  While in Krakow, the Moxleys were also treated to the cultural richness of Krakow and joined other members of the Crisis Response Team for an unsettling tour of Schindler’s Factory, of the famed movie, Schindler’s List.  The lessons of the treatment of Jews during WWII are not lost on us today as we grapple with the war atrocities committed in Ukraine.

Tour at Schindler’s Factory

We are praying for more people like Rex and D’Ann and for churches which will mobilize by sending more Crates for Ukraine to help our Ukrainian brothers and sisters during their time of need.

2 responses to “6/13/2022 – One more Crates for Ukraine Delivery to Krakow”

  1. It was such a privilege to get to bring crates. We loved getting to know you and are praying the initiative is fruitful and many are provided for and hear the truth of our loving, Savior Jesus Christ. We are praying.


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