6/17/2022 – Brasov, Romania

From Lxxx (Day 114): Dear brothers and sisters, I wish you good morning and a good day.

It’s strange, but taking my daughter’s place for several weeks here in Romania, I live a life of a refugee now, experiencing all benefits. After serving refugees in Ukraine I can see it from the other side. Yesterday the volunteers brought food bags ( here it’s food boxes) with several kinds of meat, cheese, eggs, pastries and some toys.

Eight thousand refugees from Ukraine live in Brasov now and they are taken a good care of, many volunteers serve them and help with their needs. One lady in the building where I live told me she was touched by the attitude of the dentist who helped her with unexpected toothache problem and didn’t charge her anything when found out that she is from Ukraine.

I talked to my husband yesterday and he told that today they are delivering food bags to 12 families with disabled children. It’s interesting that when we contacted such families before their main requests were medicines and diapers. Now they all ask for food. The prices of food raised so much in Ukraine and the food becomes the biggest need because people can’t afford to buy basic food products. It’s sad that many people are unemployed now. So many people in Odessa area used to work in resort business in summer and now nothing of it works.

My daughter Kxxx is in Odessa now, yesterday she heard two loud explosions during the air alarm, later she found out that two rockets heading Odessa were destroyed by air defense over the sea. Praise the Lord! She is going to visit an organ concert that will take place in the Presbyterian church in Odessa this evening. How nice that people can come to the church and listen to music now. I am glad that Kxxx can visit this concert. During the time like this spiritual music speaks to the heart also in a special way like the Scripture.

No changes at the front, the enemy is trying to capture Severodonetsk, the city in the east. They even constructed a crossing over the river there in order to be close to our positions when they strike, but they forgot about our artillery, which immediately reminded of itself and the enemy suffered losses.

Please, pray for our soldiers, for those who help our army and about the volunteers of all countries who sacrifice time and money to help those who had to leave their homes because of the war.

In Christ,

2 responses to “6/17/2022 – Brasov, Romania”

  1. Several months ago, Ukrainian Christians were scattered. But, Jesus had already prayed for them, for their faith, unity, and preservation/sanctification to God’s glory.
    Now, the world is watching while Ukrainian Christians and Christians from all around the world are showing off God’s love in the midst of tribulations. The world powers don’t have the answers, but God’s church does. She is still unified and glorifying God. Here are some references:
    John 16:32 – Jesus prophesied that His disciples would be scattered
    John 16:33 – Jesus said, …”in the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.”
    John 17 – Jesus prayed The High Priestly Prayer for faith, unity, and the preservation/sanctification of His disciples for His glory. And, I’m sure He was including ALL His people.

    I see correlations here! Jesus has overcome the world!
    Jenny (Xenya)


  2. Dear Lxxx,
    Wow, how interesting the Lord is giving you the experience of being a refugee, seeing things from the other side. The Romanians are kind.

    So kind of Sxxxx to help the families with disabled children, especially with food. These children are so dear.

    Thank the Lord the two rockets did not hit Odessa. I hope Kxxx enjoyed the organ concert – so nice to hear this beautiful music in hard times. Yes, you are right, music can speak to the heart.

    Continued prayer for the fight against the enemy in the east especially.
    Also continued prayer for the soldiers fighting there.

    Continue to enjoy your grandchildren!
    Your sister in Christ,


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