6/19/2022 – Brasov, Romania

From Lxxx (Day 116): Dear brothers and sisters, It’s a nice sunny morning here in Brasov and I hope it will be a nice worship day not only here but everywhere including Ukraine.

Yesterday evening I talked to our counselors and they shared the information of their work. It was a soup kitchen day for Vxxx and her church. They talked to people in the street then invited them to come inside and have some sandwiches, tea or coffee. In the photo you can see an eighty-year-old woman, her name is Lxxx. She is a widow and her children live far away. She was glad to be with people who care and talk to her. She asked if she can come next Saturday and if it’s OK to bring her friends with her, lonely old ladies like her. Vxxx says they are going to cook hot lunch specially for them.

Txxx had a group meeting with our refugees in Bilhorod. The group feels pretty stable and supportive and Txxx decided to start with them a course of 10 steps dealing with trauma. We’ve been having training on these resources with Dr. MaryJo Burchard, Founder and Principal Consultant of The Concord Leader Community. Our counselors started using these materials counseling war traumas and find them very successful. The group responded very well, they all already feel much better after we started the group meetings.

They were writing the answers to the questions on the paper when the phone of one lady called. The woman, her name is Oxxx, answered. It was a call from her neighbor from the village where her home is, she was calling to tell her that the village was being bombed and her house was in fire. Oxxx began to call her husband but his phone didn’t answer. Oxxx began to cry, she thought he didn’t answer because he was dead and she almost fainted. Txxx took her phone and called her neighbor back. The bombing stopped and she could go out, she told that Oxxx’s house is ok, it was grass in front of it that was burning. Right at the moment she was talking the bombing started again and Tanya could hear how that lady was shouting to somebody to go into the shelter. Then Txxx called Oxxx’s son and got him talk to his mother. Then her neighbor called again and told that her husband was fine. But for some reason he couldn’t call her.

Txxx finished the group with a prayer and told them to finish the task they were doing at home like home task. (Oxxx is a blond lady in a red t-shirt in the photo)

There is one more interesting news. Few days ago a security service of Ukraine arrested a Russian spy who acted like bombardment spotter and directed the bombes to our bridge that connected our area with the rest of Ukraine. It was hit with rockets again and again until it was completely destroyed. I know that many citizens of my town would like “to talk” to him. Now people have to travel all the way around to get to Odessa and having problems with fuel makes it more problematic.

I wish you a good day and a good worship today. God bless you!

In Christ,

One response to “6/19/2022 – Brasov, Romania”

  1. Dear Lxxx,
    Thank you for the encouraging news on how God is working through the church in BD! The table looks so inviting out on the street, seems a welcoming place for people to come with questions and so nice to invite them to the soup kitchen.
    The support groups look like they have been helping people in a deep and caring way.
    Great news they found and captured the Russian spy!
    May the Lord bring an end to this war soon!
    Love in Christ,


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