6/21/2022 – a day of attacks

From Lxxx (Day 118): Dear brothers and sisters, I wish you a day full of blessings. This is how my day started today. I decided to wake up earlier and go to the market while my grandchildren were sleeping. I knew approximately where it is located but not exactly, so I asked the passers by. It’s amazing that I was able to ask the way in Romanian and I understood what people told me. I was pleasantly surprised. After I bought some fruits I went back and my way was through the park where I decided to spend some quiet time listening to the singing of birds. It was so wonderful to be there and such a contrast to what is happening at home. I can’t stop worrying about my home town, my family, friends and all people who are there.

Fruit from the market

This is what my husband wrote me this morning:
“Yesterday was a particularly disturbing day for the people of our town, and especially for those who live closer to the Black Sea coast. They woke up early in the morning from the loud sounds and saw dozens of cruise missiles that flew over their homes. Then there were planes that carried bombs and they moved in the same direction where the rockets flew. Then, far off in the sea, they saw many bright flashes and then heard the explosions of rockets and bombs. Only after some time they realized that these were Ukrainian missiles and planes that destroyed a group of Russian troops and their equipment on Snake Island, where the enemy grouped its forces planning to land troops from there to our territory. Since the Ukrainian army had previously destroyed Russian ships near this island with rockets, the Russian military had nowhere to run from this attack. It was a real hell for them in which even stones melted. But it was their free choice to occupy this island in order to destroy our life later. They got everything they deserved. But for the people of the Odessa region, the stress did not end at this. Later the same day in response, Russian ships began to bombard Odessa and our town with powerful supersonic cruise missiles that were developed in the Soviet Union to destroy American aircraft carriers. But now they use them to destroy our homes. A total of 8 missiles were fired in our direction, but they were all shot down by our military. The score is 3:0 in our favor. However, one day we were able to understand what was happening every day in Mariupol, which Russian aviation burned and wiped off the face of the earth. The Russians were, as always, sure of their impunity, but it seems that their time is passing! Glory to Ukraine and glory to Christ!”

You can see the photo of one of the buildings in Odessa that was hit by the rocket yesterday

Praise the Lord! Our town is saved again, no rocket that were flying there hit the target. But Odessa was not so safe. There were hits on some objects of Odessa. One of them was made on Odessa airport. Our counselor Vxxx, who lives near the airport, right at that moment was teaching a Zoom class and I was one of her students. Vxxx began to describe to us what she saw and heard. There was a fire in the airport and she felt the smell of burning plastic. Later Vxxx shared a picture of her dog that didn’t react on the sound of explosion at all. He just got used to the sounds like this.

Later I talked to Rxxxx and he said that the hits were far away of the place where he lives. After talking for a while about the rocket attack on Odessa I asked him if he could share something good of that day. And Rxxxx said: “We are alive”. People in Odessa never lose their sense of humor.

Please, pray for the safety of our area.

In Christ,

4 responses to “6/21/2022 – a day of attacks”

  1. Dear Lxxx,
    Disturbing day indeed for those in the Odessa area! Praying for all involved and praising the Lord with you for His protection!
    It’s so good you have this time to rest, and the fruit looks so good and fresh!
    Love in Christ,


  2. I continue to pray for safety in the Odessa area and all Ukraine. I’m also praying for an end to Russian aggression.


  3. Dear Lxxx
    Thank you for telling us what is happening in Odessa and your town.

    Thank you to the Lord for protecting your town.
    Praise the Lord Odessa was spared from those 8 missles.
    Continued prayer for safety of Odessa.

    Thankful Vxxx is okay.
    Thankful Rxxxx is okay –

    You are in our prayers dear sister.


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