6/24/2022 – It really makes a difference!

Chaplains with First Aid kits

We want to disassociate ourselves from the continual news of the war in Ukraine – no one likes to dwell on the evil taking place and the atrocities happening daily. Yet, our brothers in Christ who are sons, fathers and husbands from our churches in Ukraine cannot disassociate themselves from the realities of war. Instead, they actively bring the Word of God to soldiers on the front lines who are protecting as best they can, the men, women and children of Ukraine.

First Aid kits on their way to Ukraine via Krakow, Poland.

Kirby Holmes is making a difference. He brought several First Aid kits to Krakow, Poland, from Texas. The First Aid kits he brought in suitcases continued into Ukraine via the supply chain from the MTW Ukraine Crisis Response Team in Krakow to our church in L’viv. From there, the kits were taken in vans further east where the war is intense and where these chaplains serve.

Kirby is the Director of Eastern European Partnerships for the mission mobilization organization called ‘Storyline’. Based in Austin, Texas, he travels frequently to Ukraine. With ‘Storyline’ he work with executive level denominational leaders to build missionary sending organizations within their denominations. Not only as a vision caster to these leaders, he also provides resources, and consults Ukrainian leaders on how Ukrainians can be sent to fulfill the Great Commission.

Kirby describes how his mandate has pivoted with the commencement of war in Ukraine: “But, with the invasion of Russia in Ukraine my role has shifted to humanitarian aid. Through my relationship with Doug Shepherd I have participated in Presbyterian (MTW) and other denominational efforts to provide financial and material aid for Ukrainians in need.”

For more information on how you, your church and community can mobilize for Ukraine see: Mobilize Aid & Crates for Ukraine

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