6/24/2022 – Missionaries in Lyon, France, mobilize ‘Aid for Ukraine’

Alex and Suzanne in the warehouse in Krakow after unloading their van from France.

Alex and Suzanne Sarran have made a difference. Alex, a PCA teaching elder and pastor of the Reformed Evangelical Church in Lyon, France, have been serving in a church plant started by MTW for 21 years. Suzanne described how the Lord called them to action. She described how Bob and Andrea Burnham are among their dearest friends in MTW. With the Burnhams serving in Odesa, Ukraine, when the war started what was happening felt very personal to them. She also described how they were impacted at a missions conference with MTW Ukraine Country Coordinator, Jon Eide. The conference was held just after the war started and Alex and Suzanne witnessed Jon’s pain and anguish and all the work that was to be done.

While keeping in touch with the Burnhams and Gregoires, MTW missionaries in Slovakia, Suzanne asked what the needs were. Medical equipment was among the most needed supplies in Ukraine. Suzanne described how they sensed they had to do more, “When you hear about awful things happening around the world, it is usually too far to do anything about it and you don’t know how to help. Alex and I talked and we thought, hey, we are not that far, we can actually do something. I wrote the Burnhams and Gregoires and told them we were willing to come and bring aid.”

Collecting, packing and labeling the aid before leaving Lyon.

The Sarrans received information about the Europe-based response called, ‘Aid for Ukraine‘ and started campaigning in their community and networks and gathering the supplies. Their church in Lyon got on board right away and donated items and money. Two other churches in Lyon participated as well, a Baptist church and the Anglican Church. Even a church in the US joined the French churches mobilizing Aid for Ukraine. A PCA church in Huntsville, Alabama (Southwood Presbyterian church), sent the Sarrans a significant amount of money to buy supplies and to cover the cost of fuel for their van which is no small thing in today’s environment.

Unloading their van outside the warehouse in Krakow

Suzanne said that they had many people tell them how happy they were to donate to something they could trust knowing that they knew the people coordinating the efforts. Suzanne summarized their experience like this, “This project has been a lot of work, but we are so so happy to be able to do it and we are willing to do it again.”

For more information on how you, your church and community can mobilize in Europe and the US, see: Mobilize Aid & Crates for Ukraine.

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