6/25/2022 – Brasov, Romania

From Lxxx (Day 122): Dear brothers and sisters, It was a quiet and peaceful night for me and my grandchildren here in Brasov Romania, but it was a very disturbing night for many cities in Ukraine. About 40 rockets were fired on the territory of Ukraine overnight. Most of them came from the territory of Belarus. Many people could not sleep and had to go to the bomb shelters. Not all people have basements nearby and they stay in their corridors during air alarms to be protected by the walls and be away from windows. The family of my friends in Odessa put matrasses and sleep with their children in their corridor at nights.

We had a good Zoom meeting with our counselors yesterday where we talked about the problem of judging one another. Many clients who are staying abroad now feel judged by their friends and family members. We need to learn how to deal with this problem and help people be accepting and resistant to the attitude of others.

Vxxx shared a story of a client who went to Germany with her child when the war started, her son still reacts with fear for unexpected loud sounds. But her friends at home treat her as a traitor, they write her messages telling about their volunteering, telling that it’s not really dangerous in their city and that she didn’t have to leave. Another bad event that added to her trauma is the fact that her good friend died in the war and she could not be at his funeral. The feeling of guilt is a common problem our counselors have to deal with.

I want to do something new with my grandchildren today. We have already played all the games we knew. The most exciting is hide and seek.

My daughter Kxxx was supposed to receive all documents she needs this week and come to Brasov this weekend and I planned to go home next week. But many institutions in Ukraine don’t work properly now and Kxxx is still waiting for some documents to be ready. So I will stay here another week or so.

I wish you to have a good weekend!
In Christ,

5 responses to “6/25/2022 – Brasov, Romania”

  1. Oh my, escalation with Belarus entering into the situation..what do they have to gain? Awful, awful, awful. 😦😦😦

    Glad your able to enjoy quiet nights and time with grandkids.

    I can only imagine being skittish after hearing air raids. So my heart goes out to that boy in Germany.

    Praying for you all.

    💖 In Christ


  2. Dear Lxxx, I read all your updates and pray for the people and requests you mention. Thank you for giving those of us who read the updates such an up-close, personal glimpse of your life and ministry and those of others around you. It was great to get glimpses of you last week in the video update that the Burnhams made. Blessings to you on the Lord’s Day tomorrow! J. Elizabeth Buchanan in Canada


  3. Playing with your grandchildren is probably the best medicine for healing. For you too . Playing gives a sense of normalcy and simple joys which the children and you need. Perhaps this is one of the reasons for the delay. You were supposed to be there with those precious children

    I am praying for your daughter as she waits, for safety and protection from bombs, and for strength stamina and energy for all you counselors touching so many lives and trying to help them assuage their guilt

    You are held and led by his hand, Becky

    Sent from my iPhone



  4. Dear Lxxx,
    Praying for safety with all these attacks.

    Praying for your counseling as many struggle with judging. Satan attacks in so many ways.

    Hide and seek always a great game – especially with your grandmother!

    Praying for Kxxx and her plans as the Lord works them out for both of you .

    Praying for you


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