6/27/2022 – More attacks and escapes

From Lxxx (Day 124): Dear brothers and sisters, It’s a start of a new week and a lot thoughts, plans and worries.

This night was restless for Odessa region. There was a missile attack. A rocket that was heading our town was destroyed in the air by our air defense. But a little settlement on the other side of the Dniester river (Mala Dolyna) suffered a lot. You can see the photos below.

The little girl from a ruined building in Kiev is doing well. She doesn’t have serious injuries, just scratches. Her mother was found alive and she is in hospital, too.

We had a good worship here in Brasov yesterday. There were a lot prayers for Ukraine. There was a special feeling of unity and support as we pray and sing hymns together. The sermon was about how to be filled with the Holy Spirit. At the end of the worship some people shared their favorite Bible verses and commented on them. We all have some pieces of Scripture that talk to us in a special way. Sometimes it’s hard to choose one. I like James 4:8 “Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you.”

Our counselor Rxxxx went to Western Ukraine last week to do some teaching and group work with chaplains and other ministers there. He was traveling by train and had a chance to do counseling right there. He talked to a woman who was with him in a compartment. Very sad and nervous. Her name is Ixxx. She lived with her husband, two children and two dogs in the suburb of Nikolaev. They didn’t want to leave they hoped to survive in their home. But it was located near electrical substation which became a target for the enemy and they were staying in the basement nearly all the time because of constant bombing. When they heard that Russian troops were entering their village they decided to leave from the other side of the village. They had to cross the bridge through the river, but it was destroyed. So, her husband with other men made some small construction for them to walk to another side. Ixxx with her two sons and mother-in-law left and her husband decided to stay watching their house and two dogs. They were travelling several days to Germany through Moldova and Poland. It was very hard for her to be away from her home and from her husband. She cried every day. When Ixxx hard the news that her village was liberated by our army, she decided to back for a short time to see her husband and her dogs who became very thin. Her husband shared the little food he had during the occupation with his dogs. She spent some time at home and now she is heading back to Germany where her sons are staying with their grandmother. She hopes the war will end soon and they all will go home.

Please, pray for the end of the war and for the Victory.

In the photos above you can see what happened this night to a small settlement in Odessa region, and there is a photo of Rxxxx below staying in a bomb shelter of the train station during air alarm waiting for his train.
In Christ,

2 responses to “6/27/2022 – More attacks and escapes”

  1. Dear Lxxx
    Pray, praying for safety and an end to the destruction of the enemy.

    Good news the little girl is okay.
    Praying for her mother in hospital.
    Praying for Rxxxx.
    Your sister in Christ


  2. I felt like crying when I read that Russia attacked Kyiv. I’m praying for God would “bare His mighty arm”!


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