6/28/2022 – A mall is attacked and more loss of life.

Fire in the shopping mall in Kremenchug after the missile attack

From Lxxx (Day 125): Dear brothers and sisters, Today is a Constitution Day in Ukraine, 26 years ago a new Constitution was adopted. But this year it’s not a day off because of the war. On this day people used to have picnics and go to the beach but today it’s a day of mourning. All country is shocked by the attack on a shopping mall in Kremenchug ( Poltava region). It happened during the day when around 1000 people were there. When the air alarm got on people started leaving the building but not all had time to go out.

It is disgusting to watch Russia’s reactions to the missile strike on Kremenchug. Russian diplomats and officials are spreading crazy conspiracy theories, denying that there was a strike at all. Russia is a country of murderers and outright liars.

Yesterday there was also bombing of the circumferential road to Odessa that people from our area use after our bridge was destroyed. There is a small bridge over the river there, too. If they destroy that one we will be completely cut off from the main Ukraine.

Yesterday Txxx did some shopping for the family from Kherson. She bought some clothes and shoes for them and also medicines for their mother. This family with five children is very nice and friendly, very helpful and modest. They enjoy the group meetings and are very responsive to the gospel.

I talked to our counselors Vxxxx and Axxx who are in France now. We can’t talk often because they don’t have regular internet connection. They continue to counsel people from Odessa online. Before the war started they were doing a pre-marital counseling for a young couple. Axxx worked with a girl and Vxxxx with a boy, sometimes they did counseling together. They had to stop when the war started but now they want to continue. It’s good that people still think about relations and about how to become a family.

Vxxxx is counseling a man who came to Odessa from Mariupol several months ago. He was able to leave the city and go through numerous Russian check points where he was humiliated and abused physically and emotionally. It was so unhuman that Vxxxx doesn’t want to write about it. At first that man wanted to forget everything and start a new life, but a month later he went off the rails. He started drinking, cursing, made a tattoo on his forehead with a cursing words addressing Russians. His name is Sxxxx, please pray for him and for Vxxxx’s work with him.
Another request from Vxxxx. He communicates with two mothers in Odessa whose sons are in Russian captivity. Please pay for Sxxxx and Ixxxx. There is no information about them at all.

Besides counseling Vxxxx and Axxx help in the SOS Montpellier Ukraine Foundation.
They are assembling portable solar panels for Ukraine. The batteries that will make it possible to charge phones and lamps where people stay without electricity.

They plan to rent a place in their city and start a community club for Ukrainian refugees there.

Please, pray for families that lost their members in the shopping mall and pray for the work of the counselors of our center.

In the photos you can see the fire in the shopping mall in Kremenchug after the missile attack, another photo is Vxxxx assembling batteries, and buying clothes and medicines for refugees.
In Christ,

3 responses to “6/28/2022 – A mall is attacked and more loss of life.”

  1. Dear Lxxx,
    It is so sad to see how the war has escalated!
    Please know I am praying continuously for Ukraine, the believers there and for God to act in a mighty way to bring an end to this war!
    Also, praying for the counselors and for all the ministries happening to bring people relief. May God bring a great revival to this land.
    Love in Christ,


  2. I am angry and disgusted at the barbaric inhumane ways the Russians treat people. Even their own. No value on life. We cling to a Just God who sees and will punish the wicked unless He knocks them down and converts them like He did Paul who persecuted so many Christians. Now we have the New Testament of God’s word and much from Paul Father we need lots of miracle workers. Stop the missiles Stop the Russian leaders and their allies. Get help fast to Ukraine to defend and take back lost cities and land. Protect Odessa. Sink ships disarm mines. Most of all BRING MANY TO YOUR HEAVENLY KINGDOM . Your will be done on earth. Held and led by His hand Becky Vierling

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  3. Dear Lxxx,

    The enemy is brutal. Death and destruction and deceit. Very sad.

    Praying for the families of those lost in the attack.

    Good news Txxx was able to shop for the family from Kherson. Good news they are enjoying the group meetings. May the Lord draw them into Himself. Wonderful picture.

    So good that Vxxxx and Axxx still able to counsel those in Odessa – especially the pre marital couple.

    Also praying for for Vxxxx as he counsels Sxxxx in his trauma with the enemy. Praying for Sxxxx – hard to even grasp the evil he has experienced.

    Also praying for Vxxxx in his counseling and for the mother of 2 sons in Russian captivity. Praying for them , Sxxxx and Ixxxx.

    Vxxxx is busy! Thank you for the picture of him assembling the batteries – so many things you all do plus counseling. May God give you strength.
    Your sister,


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