7/2/2022 – In the aftermath of another attack

From Lxxx (Day 129): Dear brothers and sisters, I want to thank you for your prayers, for your messages and letters. It’s a big support and comfort for me.

Today is a day of mourning in Odesa region. Yesterday the whole day they dismantled the rubble of destroyed buildings. In social nets one after another appeared the names of the people who were found dead in the buildings. The air alarm went off 10 minutes before the strike, but many people now got used to it and ignore it most of the times. So, the people were sleeping.

One man who survived in the middle floor of the building told that he came home late and on the way home he found a puppy in the street, took it home and was washing him in the bathroom when the rocket hit the building. All his apartment is destroyed but the walls of the bathroom protected him.

Yesterday there were several air alarms during the day and our jets were flying patrolling the territory.

Today Txxx is having a group meeting. We were glad that people who came from war zones felt safe in our town. I hope they are Ok but probably yesterday’s event made them panic and feel scared.

Sxxxx had a busy day yesterday. In the morning the people in the church were busy cooking for the army, then he had a meeting with a pastor of Pentecostal church that worships in our building now. Then he handled the meeting of our church music group that is having some hard period. Because so few of them are left it’s hard to make decisions without a leader (Ixxxx is in the army). There were some serious disagreements. But yesterday they were able to talk to each other, ask forgiveness and they hugged at the end. Sxxxx says that it’s the first step, they need to learn how to work together in the situation they are now.

In the evening our counselors had a Zoom meeting and we talked about fear. We discussed what fear is, we shared how we act when we are scared and how we can help ourselves and others having fear. We were reading Psalm 31 and thinking about the verses that are very applicable to our situation now.

In the photo you can see our local rescue team, please, pray for them as they do this emotionally very hard work.

In Christ,

5 responses to “7/2/2022 – In the aftermath of another attack”

  1. Our Father on heaven,
    Deliver us from evil.
    Lead us not into temptation.
    Give us today our daily bread.
    Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.
    Thy will be done.
    Thine is the kingdom, power and glory.


  2. Dear Lxxx,
    Praying for strength and comfort during this time! It must be so hard to see the war escalate!
    May God help the families who have lost loved ones, the rescue teams and the soldiers!
    Also, praying for God to bring extra grace to the believers to be able to work together, especially under these harsh circumstances and dark time!
    There is victory in Jesus!
    Love in Christ,


  3. May the Lord wrap His arms around you all and hide you in the secret place of the most high. May He protect the soldiers and guide the Ukrainian leaders in all wisdom and discernment. Any He comfort the broken hearted. May he give unity in the Holy Spirit within the church. God bless and keep you!


  4. Dear Lxxx,
    The pictures you shared show the pain and the Lord uses the images of their faces to impress our hearts to pray.

    Praying for Txxx in group meetings .

    Sxxxx is very busy. The enemy tries to divide the worship of the Lords people- the Lord is working – pray for continued working through of challenges.

    Reading Psalm 31- praying for you all.
    Psalm 31:24
    “Be of good courage,
    And He shall strengthen your heart,
    All who hope in the Lord.”

    Thank you for telling us what the Lord is doing and how to pray.

    It is precious to be in the Lord’s family together with you.
    In Christ loove,
    Your sister,


  5. We continue to bring your sorrows and needs to the Lord with you. Watching this insanity and destruction daily must be so traumatic to all of you. Praying for peace and protection for displaced people, strength for soldiers, Godly wisdom for leaders and God’s sustaining love for all of you as you share His love. Ellen


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