7/9/2022 – Brasov, Romania – Becoming human?

From Lxxx (Day 134): Dear brothers and sister, It’s the end of the week and it’s the end of my stay on Romania. I plan to leave on Wednesday. I hope to do some sightseeing when Kxxx comes here because I couldn’t do it staying with kids.

The children will go to AWANA club this morning and I will have some time to relax.

Yesterday I read some articles one of them raised a very vital and painful topic – the topic of corruption. It was hard to watch how during all years of independence corruption, like a cancer, weakened the state and killed many good undertakings. I personally know people who could not implement good development plans because they could not overcome the wall of soulless and callous corrupt officials. The author of the article is trying to look into the future and predict how the war will affect the recovery from corruption. He writes that “virtue is a skill and prevention of corruption is not the task of the state alone. Everyone should act virtuously”. It should be a nationwide mindset reset and a clear goal and vision of the future of our country.

I remembered the talk I once had with an official in our town who gave permission for adoption of children from our local orphanages. That person every day saw the families who were in the process of adoption, many of them were Christian families, she also could track the lives and development of adopted children and their new families. Adoption work is an opportunity to see the evidence of God’s love every day, but that woman was sure that there was some material benefit hidden there. She was the one in charge and caused many obstacles for the adoption process. I met that lady some years ago and saw that she became more human, it was the time when her husband became seriously ill. Do we need such things like fatal disease or war to become more human?

This is the issue of changes, changing mentality, values, views and the direction of life. And the key role in this process belongs to our churches and Christian organizations, because when we talk about corruption a person cannot just become good. It is a larger process of soul-searching and acquiring a new identity.

After such heavy thoughts I decided to watch a movie, I chose and an old musical which brought back some memories and positive emotions.

Water mine

Another news that came this week was about a water mine that was carried by the water from the sea to our river estuary that was thought to be safe for swimming. It’s good that it was noticed and destroyed. It seems, that we should forget about swimming for some period of time.

Empty beach

I wish you a good weekend and positive news.

In Christ,

P.S. There is a photo of a water mine and of an empty beach.

5 responses to “7/9/2022 – Brasov, Romania – Becoming human?”

  1. Thank you for your soul searching email. Your thoughts and heart we very close to our women’s Bible study this morning in Isaiah 6. One woman reminded us that suffering is for our good that we may be made more like Jesus so that when we get to heaven we will be fit to live with Him. We considered the events on Mt. Sinai when God’s glory descended on the mountain, and the earth shook under the weight. We also talked about C. S. Lewis’ book, The Great Divorce, another image of how we become fitted for eternity. No one likes to suffer, but we need to trust God, looking forward to the time when He will wipe away every tear.


  2. Dear Lxxx,
    Thank you for your thoughts on “becoming human”! Praying for a great awakening in Ukraine, May many lives change and follow Jesus! Praying for God to bringing healing and integrity.
    I hope you have a great time with Kxxx and a safe trip home on Wednesday.
    Love in Christ,


  3. I see corruption here in the US too. Something that is discouraging, and seems impossible to fight against, yet there are voices speaking out and sounding the alarm, many are Christians, and Jews, who have a moral ethic.
    As I was reading your post, the scripture that came to mind is, out if the heart comes, murder, adultery, theft..Matthew 15:19, which is the natural state of man, its only when we come to Christ we are a ” new creation”. 2 Corinthians 5:17. Been praying for the church in Ukraine in this most arduous time to be that salt and light, that many might come to put their hope in the gospel. Also for the Christian refugees, that they might bloom where they are planted. Who can know the mind of the Lord, his ways are past finding out. Romans 11:33 In tradegy, we see our vulnerability and smallness and need for the Lord.

    Hope you enjoy some of your time sightseeing and relaxing, and have a safe trip home.


  4. Dear Lxxx,
    Glad you will see Kxxx soon.
    Enjoy the site seeing –

    Amen to the answer of corruption being new identity in Christ. The ways of the world may seem to have parts of answers, but they fall short.

    The picture of the water mine helps us to see how close these are to you.

    Praying for and with you,


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