7/10/2022 – News of the war

From Lxxx (Day 135): Dear brothers and sisters, I wish you a good morning and a good day. Greetings to your churches!
Every morning when I wake up here in Brasov and look into the window I see mountains and immediately a verse from Psalm 121 comes to my mind:” I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence comes my help, My help comes from the Lord…..”
Yesterday Kxxx came late in the evening very tired, she was driving for twelve hours and there was a problem with her car that added some stress but she safely came back and we all were very happy to see her.

Work of the support group with refugees

Tanya sent me the photos of the group meeting yesterday. Because many people come, they are divided into smaller groups to be able to communicate more productively. Sxxxx helps Txxx and leads one of the small groups. Txxx works with some people individually afterwards.

Rxxxx shared a message he received from his relative who lives in occupied Kherson. She has diabetes and there is a big problem to find medicines there and she can’t buy sugar substitute. She writes that she stays at home all the time and doesn’t want to go outside to avoid problems that might happen if you meet occupants in the street. But sometimes she has to go out to look for food. The streets of the city turned into spontaneous markets, where people try to sell or barter different things, mostly food. It’s strange when people sell meat and fish in such a hot weather under burning sun without a refrigerator, but there is no choice and people buy the products there. The prices are very high, those who still have money buy only little bit of something.

There was an official message to people in Kherson region to leave this area if possible or to find shelter with water and food supply for some period. It means that our army is preparing an advance to liberate this area.

It was interesting to read the chat where Pxxxx Lxxxxxx, our brave soldier and spiritual warrior, answers his brother who is upset because of his communication with people from other countries who openly support Russia. This is what Pxxxx writes: “ I don’t care much about their opinion, I am busy now. Few days ago the enemy artillery completely destroyed a school in the village near us, we are finding out their location and will destroy them soon. And when we finish this war I will be ready to talk to people with different opinions”

The reality of harvest this year

Please, pray for the soldiers who stand for their country. Pray with us for people who stay in the occupied zones. And pray for the liberation of our territories. Also, please, continue to pray for our fields and for our harvest.
In Christ,

6 responses to “7/10/2022 – News of the war”

  1. The photograph of the young man with the shovel watching the harvest being consumed by fire is very moving! It makes me think he was trying to dig a break in the field so the fire can’t consume it all. His task looks hopeless. All of our efforts are hopeless without God’s intervention! I pray for God to intervene and stop this war and allow the Ukrainian people to go back to as normal as possible lives!


  2. Dear Lxxx,

    Good news Kxxx made it back safely. Thank the Lord.

    Praying for Txxx and Sxxxx as the numbers and needs grow.
    Seeing pictures of the paper and pens make me think of all the stories each person must have.

    Pxxxx Lxxxxxx has a lot of wisdom in his reply !

    Praying for the soldiers standing for their country and for the people in the occupied zones. Praying for the liberation the territories & protection of fields & harvest.

    The picture of the fire and the harvest fields communicates so strongly what the farmers are facing.

    Continuing to bring you before the Lord.
    “Who is like the Lord our God ,
    Who dwells on high?”
    Psalm 113:5-9

    Your sister,


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