7/16/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 142):

Dear brothers and sisters, It’s a nice and quiet morning, no sirens and the verse that comes to my head today is : “ This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” Psalms 118:24

Yesterday I came to the local defense center and was very glad to see my friends volunteers, I brought a cake and we had some tea, chatting and exchanging our news. They work every day and communicate with our army units fulfilling their needs.

Yesterday there was a call with an order for 19 new nets. It means that the unit is changing its position and will be settled in a new place, they need to camouflage their technique, supplies and shelters. We worked, it was hot, and the girls there say: “ When we feel hot we remember about our soldiers on the front line who are hot, thirsty and tired, but they stand for us”

Yesterday there were several air alarms but our area was not bombed. There were hits in Nikolayev, the buildings of two universities were destroyed. Lxxx, the doctor’s assistant from our clinic who serves with Dr. Axxx in a military medical unit now couldn’t get through to her son, a military surgeon who works in Nikolayev military hospital, his phone didn’t answer. She began to worry but later he called back and told that he was doing a surgery and couldn’t answer. Lxxx’s husband, Sxxxx, who is in the army fights near Kherson.

Sxxxx visited our local hospitals, he took some medical suppliers there, which our church received as a humanitarian aid. Axxxx, the chief doctor of psychiatrist department is his old buddy, they studied together at the medical university many years ago and were room mates at the dormitory. He is very devoted to his work, he talked a little bit about new specifics of their work during the war. They have many patients now with psychosis caused by war trauma. Sxxxx was glad to meet with him and remember old times.

In the evening we talked to our daughter and grandkids. They are doing well. When I was there I read them a Bible story before going to bed and then we discussed it and prayed together. Now Kxxx says Jxxxx reads the stories to his sisters. Sergey and I miss them but we are glad that they are becoming independent.

Please, pray for our work and ministry to be fruitful and bring glory to God.

In Christ,

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