7/17/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 143): Dear brothers and sisters, It’s so nice to wake up on Sunday morning. It looks like rain and is pleasantly cool. We are preparing to go to the church and I am so glad to be with my church again. But I miss the church in Brasov, I hope they are having a good worship today.

Joint service

Yesterday it was a busy day. Our church and Pentecostal church that worships in our building now did an evangelism project together. We invited people from our town for a program where we had a small worship service and a little concert. At the end all people received food packets. There were mostly old people and we understand that many of them came because they need food, but there was a chance for them to hear gospel.

Birthday girl, Vxxx

Txxx and I had a group meeting with refugees yesterday. I was glad to see new people. We made a small party for Vxxx, it was her birthday. She came with her family from Kherson. She says she never believed in God but once after the shelling of her city she saw that all buildings in her neighborhood were destroyed and their building was the only one that wasn’t damaged, she thought about God’s help then. Txxx had some individual work with Vxxx that helped her to recover from trauma and make some plans for the future. After that the girl decided to study and she was admitted to the agrarian college in our town. She will start her education in September.

Work of the support group

We ask you to continue praying for our elder Vxxxx who is struggling with a lung cancer. He had two chemos last month which suppressed his tumor and he felt a little bit better. But few days ago he began to feel worse. He is in hospital now and for Tuesday his third chemo is planned. Vxxxx and Vxxx live in the suburb and they have a big garden where they grow a lot fruits and vegetables and have chickens. They often share their produce and eggs with our church members. Now Vxxx needs help in her garden and I know that many our church members are ready to help her.

May God bless you as you worship Him today.

In Christ,

P.S. In the photos you can see our church sanctuary full of people from our community, a birthday-girl Violetta and the work of the support group.

3 responses to “7/17/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. I am praying the at Elder Vxxxx continues to get treatments and his health improves that he can be out of the hospital. I am praying for an end to the war with a victorious Ukraine amid hearing on our small Butler, Pennsylvania USA radio station that increased attacks by the Russians are expected. Many at Westminster Presbyterian Church are praying for you! Our sovereign Lord God is in charge of all!


  2. We will continue to pray for your elder Vxxxx, that the Lord will bless his treatment and cause it to be effective, will boost his immune system, and give him the peace and measure of faith he needs in this journey.


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