7/18/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 144): Dear brothers and sisters, It’s a new day and a new week and new plans. Yesterday we had a good worship. I was glad to see everybody. Some new people appeared in the church while I was away and more children come. Ixxxx was with us and our music group performed a new hymn.

A wonderful announcement

The most exciting moment in the church was after the worship when we had announcements. Ixxxx made an announcement of the wedding. He and his fiancée, Lauren, have been engaged for several months already and their wedding that was supposed to be in June had to be postponed because of the war. Now Ixxxx announced about their wedding to be in September. This is the most joyful news in the last few months. Despite the fact that the war continues, we begin to return to peaceful life and hope to have a complete peace soon. Our prayers are of Ixxx and Lauren, their plans and about their future as a family in peace.

There was another joyful event yesterday. Since Ixxxx, who is our church music leader, went to the army our church music group had some difficult time. There was some disagreement that grew into a conflict and one lady left the group and stopped coming to the church. There were many attempts to solve their conflict but there was no result. The husband of a woman is not our church member and he comes to the church only on holidays with his wife. But he got so upset about the fact that his wife is not in the church that he began to talk to her about reconciliation and he began to contact people in the church about it. Few days ago she came to the rehearsal, and reconciled with everybody. Yesterday our music group sand together at the worship.

The war situation is pretty stable. After taking Severodonetsk the occupants planned to take all Donetsk region and made big efforts to do it, but they couldn’t. They were stopped and they are still there. Our southern city Kherson is still occupied. It’s sad to hear about the officials there who became traitors and began to collaborate with the enemy and gave away some important information. But they are very scared for their lives now because of the underground movement that is pretty active in Kherson. The region of Kherson has been famous for growing water melons and in summer we used to see the sale of these famous water melons everywhere, we used to stop at the side of the road, where the farmers were selling them and choose the one we like and then enjoy eating together with our grandchildren who love water melons. Now the farmers there can’t sell their produce. We hope for soon liberation of the city and there are signs in our market: “ We will eat water melons soon”

This night the city of Nikolayev was bombed again, ten rockets hit the city.
An evacuation train will go today from Donetsk region to the west of Ukraine. It’s strange but some people are so reluctant to leave their homes even when they are bombed. They stay until everything is ruined and their family members are killed and only then they agree to leave. Periodically evacuation buses and trains take people to the safe place. But it’s always dangerous because our enemy often makes evacuation transport a target of shooting.

Please, pray for the soon end of the war and for our return to peaceful life.

In Christ,

P.S. There are some photos of our worship yesterday where you can see Ivan making the announcement of a very special event soon.

7 responses to “7/18/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. What Grace that the Lord brought such tokens of joy yesterday. Weddings are a reminder of God’s unwavering covenant with us and of the celebration that awaits us at the wedding feast of the Lamb. The reuniting of your church worship team is such an encouragement as we see answered prayers.


  2. Thank you for all the wonderful news of young people uniting in marriage, new people coming to worship and reconciliation for your choir. We are reminded in our daily reading of the Word and our weekly messages in the book of Acts that Pastor Mark is sharing that in spite of the enemy’s attempt to destroy the body of Christ, we march on triumphant, going forth uniting in worship, prayer, discipling and living fruitful lives. God is good. He is in control.
    Blessings, mercy and grace, Ellen


  3. Dear Lxxx,
    It has been so good to see your pictures. I loved the picture of the congregation from your last post, it brought tears to my eyes seeing all the dear people! Thank you also for the picture of the girl and her testimony of now believing in God.
    Thank you also for sharing the good news of a wedding coming up and for things starting to settle down.
    Praying for peace!
    Love in Christ,


  4. Dear Lxxx,
    Great that Ixxx was with you. And great news about their engagment!

    And more good news about the worship team. The Lord works in such creative ways!

    Thankful you had a good Lord’s Day.


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