Ukraine Captured Larry’s Heart

Larry, pictured here on his first trip to Ukraine in 1998 with Sergey and Lyuda Betin in front of the Christian Clinic Sergey founded. Sergey is now a pastor in Belgorod-Dnestrovsky.

Admin: This story is reposted from the PCA Administrative Committee.

For months, Ukraine has captured the world’s attention. But since 1998, it’s captured Larry Roff’s heart. Since then, he’s been back over a dozen times and has formed deep friendships.

It’s those close relationships that make watching Russia’s invasion so heartbreaking for Larry. In the midst of his grief and anger, he is advocating for the Ukrainian people. We spoke with him to learn how Christians across the PCA could help.

You may know Larry as a PCA pastor or as the organist for General Assembly. His Ukrainian friends know him as a fundraiser for two organs now residing in churches in the country. Read more of his story to learn about the state of the church in Ukraine and the ways you can help.

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