7/22/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 149): Dear brothers and sisters, I am glad to wake up after a quiet night. No alarms and the day yesterday was peaceful in our region. But all our thoughts and prayers are about the cities that have had no peace at all for several days. Kharkiv, Nikolayev, Nikopol are under constant shelling. Among the pictures attached you can see the photo of a father holding the hand of his son who was killed in Kharkiv two days ago. The father was sitting like this with the body of his son for two hours and praying. One of the horrors of war is the pain of losing children, and there is no worse disaster than when children die.

Many people come to our church every day to receive help. Most of them are young mothers who come for baby food and elderly people who ask for food and diapers. Yesterday I talked to a woman who was very thankful for the help she received. Her name is Rxxx, she came with a little child and she lives with a disabled mother and takes care of her. I hope she will come again not only for help but also for communication and fellowship.

We see many old people and think how we can meet their needs and help them not only with material things.

Our church members take duties and meet these people and talk to them, our youth group members take an active part in it and are very helpful. We try to spend some time and talk individually to each person who comes, but it’s very hard to do when many people come, so we are thinking of organizing group meeting for visitors where we can meet people, find out about their needs and talk to them in groups telling them a good news and some information about our church. This is one of the areas where the cooperation of the church and counseling center can work very well.

Evangelism Explosion

The cooperation of churches is very important, too. We are glad to work together with Pentecostal church. Next week a seminar on “Evangelism Explosion” will take place in our church. There was a period when this program was very popular in Ukraine but then Christians were looking for some new approaches in evangelism and forgot about it. Now it’s time to revive these methods and adjust them to our situation now.

Please, pray for our ministry.

In Christ,

8 responses to “7/22/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Our prayers are with you and are thankful for a quiet night for you. We will continue praying as God brings so many across your path, for their hearts to be open and for His Love to fill them.


  2. Our Father in heaven,
    Hallowed be Thy name.
    Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
    Give us today our daily bread.
    Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.
    Lead us not into temptation,
    but deliver us from evil.
    Thine is the kingdom, power and glory.


  3. Dear Lxxx,

    Your pictures convey the reality of the horrors of war. We continue to pray for you and these hurting people.

    Prayed for Rxxx as she cares for her child and mother. Prayed she will return and find fellowship, and the Word to encourage her.

    It is wonderful that the youth group members join in welcoming and serving those who come for food and help at the church. The Lord is so faithful in each generation to raise those who will be devoted to Him. These young people are a great encouragement to those coming as well as us over here in America seeing their faith in action.

    Praying for the Evangelism Explosion training. God’s word will not return void for sure.

    In Christ,


  4. Ps 94 meets Ps 103
    “O God of vengence, shine forth!…they kill sojurnor and widow, they murder the fatherless and say ‘Jacob’s God does not see.’ ”
    Ps 103 “He has not dealt with us according to our sins, or punished us according to our iniquities…as far as east from west He has removed our transgressions from us.”
    How to wish vengence on our enemies and mercy for ourselves…?


    • Our God has many, many attributes! He is both the God of justice and the God of mercy, and much more. Blessed is the name of the Lord.


  5. I’m praying for those who have lost loved ones, who have been maimed, who have lost homes. I’m praying Evangelism Explosion is quite successful in reaching many for Christ!


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