7/25/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 152): Dear brothers and sisters, First of all I want to thank you for your prayers, care and support. Thank you for the resources you equip us with and for your encouragement.

We had a very good day yesterday. Many new people came to our worship service. Mostly, they were the people who came to the church during the week for help and were invited to come on Sunday. We had a guest preacher, Bob Bowen, who is teaching a seminar on evangelism explosion this week. In his message he presented gospel very simple, clear and understandable. It’s wonderful that so many people who came yesterday could hear it.

Our church is full of people this morning, many Christians from different churches, from different cities came to take part in the seminar. We thank God for our big church building where people can stay, where we can cook food and have meetings and workshops.

Yesterday morning we had two air alarms but the day was peaceful and quiet. Many people are still shocked by Saturday attack on Odessa port. Our counselors Rxxxx and Vxxx, who are in Odessa, shared their impressions of the Saturday event. Vxxx was outside, she was going to the soup kitchen. Up at sudden she heard the whistle of a flying rocket in the sky. The reaction of people around was different, some people stopped, others continued their walk, some people began to cry, one man was pointing to the rocket in the sky, some people began to make video on their phones. Vxxx began to sing a hymn: “ Glory to You, You redeemed the world from sin…” Then the explosions followed but Vxxx felt calm.

Rxxxx at that time was in the swimming pool with his son. He was swimming and didn’t hear the noise. He noticed that the expression of faces of the coaches who stood near the pool changed and then he saw a glass wall bulge inward, it was good that it didn’t break. To the sound of explosions, they ran out of the pool. The pool is located near the port. I thank God that everybody is fine, just scared.

According to the official information 10 units of Russian ships, 2 missile and 1 large landing ship are maneuvering In the Black Sea. The threat of missile strikes remains.

We had a thunderstorm at night that woke us up. it was confusing because a thunder sounds like explosions. But then we saw rain and understood that we could sleep because it was just a thunderstorm.

Please, pray for a peaceful week for us as we host evangelism seminar in our church and pray for teachers, trainers and trainees at the seminar.

In Christ,

P.S. There are photos of Bob Bowen preaching and the photos of Odessa port during the attack.

One response to “7/25/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Dear Lxxx,
    So glad you had a good worship day. Very nice Bob Bowan was with you.
    Praying for those who joined you in the service.
    Wonderful news that your church was full!

    Thankful Rxxxx and Vxxx are ok in Odessa.

    Praying for a peaceful week for you with hosting the evangelism seminar in your church.

    Praying for the teachers, trainers and trainees at the seminar.

    Satan does not like evangelism for sure.. Ephesians 6 for this week for sure.

    Praying that many young people respond to the evangelism training.

    Thank you again for the pictures.

    In Christ,


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