6/26/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky – Attacks nearby

From Lxxx (Day 153): Dear brothers and sisters, This morning at 5 a.m. we were woken up by the sounds of explosion and it was not a thunder this time. This is the information from the news that we have now: “A massive missile attack, including the use of aircraft, was launched from the direction of the Black Sea in the south of Ukraine. Several air-launched missiles were launched. Private buildings of coastal villages were hit, followed by a fire. Rescuers are working on the ground…” Our beach zone is attacked again. We don’t know the details yet, we expect more information during the day and hope that our beach cabin is still there.

Today we are going to have our charitable breakfast for refugees. I hope we will have peaceful time and people will come in a good mood.

Yesterday I received a message from our counselors, Vic’s and Andra from France where they are staying now with their daughters and elderly parents. Being refugees, they work with other refugees there. They meet with people individually and try to involve them in groups. This what they write:

“We don’t have a home right now, we do not hear native speech. All this time we lived without a refrigerator, but yesterday we found one in the junk yard. When we brought it home we found out that it works and we rejoiced like children.
We miss our church at home. There is no church here that speaks our language. We don’t have our friends with us… We don’t have our old cat Elvis nearby. We don’t have much right now…
What do we have here? Why are we here?
There are no air raid alerts. Here we don’t flinch at any loud sound. There are no rockets coming here and no explosions are heard. People don’t get killed here. Russians don’t rape here. The property is not taken away here. Beaches are not mined here. There is no fear here. Only pain, for the people who suffer, for the earth, groaning from explosions. Just a dull constant pain.
There are many people from Ukraine here. The same Ukrainians as we are – women, children who left their homes and their cities, fleeing from air bombardments, from tanks, from explosions, from death. Many have seen death with their own eyes. Many sat in cellars hungry, without water. Someone ran away barefoot, grabbing a child. We hear many stories. People experienced many terrible things. But they are alive! And we’re here, together with our Ukrainians! We will walk this path together. We will help each other. We will serve God and people everywhere. We will become stronger. We are no longer the same as we used to be. We are scattered around the world and there are so many people in different countries that show compassion and help our people and our country. We are Ukrainians. And we expect to win!!!

In the photo you can see two women from the Ivano-Frankivsk region. This is a mother and a daughter. There are three children 12, 15 and 17 years old with them. When the war began, they were not going to leave Ukraine. But very soon the fighting was right where they lived. One early morning a loud noise from shelling woke them up and next moment the plane crashed down right next to their house. They packed their things in a hurry and quickly left the village. When they came to France first they lived in tents for refugees. Then they lived in several different cities before they came here. They are very exhausted emotionally and physically. It is very difficult to be refugees even in France. Please pray for this family that God will find them a home. And so that this terrible war ends and people can return to their homes.”

Please, pray for the work that Vova and Angela are doing in France.

In Christ,

2 responses to “6/26/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky – Attacks nearby”

  1. Dear Lxxx,
    It is wonderful to hear the BD is hosting an Evangelism Explosion seminar! Praying many attend and God works in amazing ways to bring the hope of the gospel to many people through you all! This is our only true hope!
    Thank you for the testimonies of people living in France! This helps to know how to pray more specifically.
    Praying for protection over BD and the Odessa area!
    May God bring an end to this war soon!
    Love in Christ,


  2. Thank you for the testimony of Vova and Angela in France. I’m praying for them and all counsellors the world over. Our local small county newspaper (Butler, Pennsylvania) has reported two lengthy articles about a family of Ukrainian natives who have been living here for several years. They have now taken in two refugee families from Ukraine and are helping them get assimilated for however long they stay. I’m praying for the war to end soon, that there would be some breakthrough that would sent the Russians back to Russia for good and allow Ukraine to get to the project of rebuilding physical plant and human lives Amen


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