7/27/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: More devastation

From Lxxx (Day 154): Dear brothers and sisters,

It’s a nice morning and I am so thankful for a peaceful night. Yesterday was full of worries about the morning attack. The enemy again destroys our resort zone. More than 10 strategic bombers were flying and dropping bombs around our town. Five nice modern hotels were completely destroyed and sixty places around are damaged.

The devastating sights of the places that were bombed yesterday morning

It’s good that those buildings were mostly empty because people stay away from the coast now. We hear about some wounded people but there were no deaths. There were some damages to the buildings of two families from our church that choose to stay on the coast.

We had breakfast with refugees yesterday and were happy to see new people. Everybody was talking about early morning event, nobody could sleep after that. A couple that came to our town three weeks ago from Kharkiv (Pxxx and Vxxxx) say that it’s scary but nothing in comparison to what they experienced in their city which was bombed day and night without breaks. They told that they feel as if they are on vacations in our town.

We are glad to see new people every Tuesday. When we first started our breakfasts people used to sit in the outside part of the café, now they sit inside, too. We need more space and we think of our own place for refugees, where we could work every day and where refugees can live. We need to pray about it.

The evangelism seminar is going very well in our church. They start at 8.30 with a little worship, then they have training sessions all together first, then they separate and work in groups. And in the afternoon small groups go out in the town- to the parks, to the market places and talk to people they meet there. Then they have more training in the evening and finish at 9.30. May God use them to touch the hearts of the people.

Txxx hugging Vxxx after she shared some hardships of her life with a father who is an alcoholic and the breakfast with refugees in the café.

Yesterday Txxx and I spent time with Vxxx, the girl from our church youth group, who helps us as a volunteer. I wrote about her in one of my letters before. Vxxx’s mother died when she was 5 years old, and Vxxx was raised by her older sister. Now she lives with her dad who is an alcoholic that becomes violent when drunk. The church became her home and the place of joy and comfort for her. We see how God works in her life. Vxxx studies, she wants to be an accountant and she began to take guitar lessons. She dreams to play in the church music group.

Please, pray for the safety of our region and for our ministry.

In Christ,

One response to “7/27/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: More devastation”

  1. Continuing to pray and thankful for your love and grace shone to others. So many memories of you and BD. Love ❤️


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