From Lxxx (Day 156): Dear brothers and sisters, Yesterday we had a peaceful day and were able to concentrate on some important things.
As I walked around the town I thought that it looked pretty normal like in the old times. There are people around, our market is full of fruits and vegetables, the situation with petrol is better and there are more cars in the streets. But there are some things that make the life of the town very different. It’s progressing inflation that made our prices jump higher and higher and no jobs for many people.

Yesterday I visited my neighbor, a disabled lady that lives in our apartment building. She wanted to serve me a cup of tea and I saw that her kitchen was just empty. There were no usual cookies that people normally have on the table, there were almost no food. Many people come to our church every day to receive help but disabled people can’t come and we should think of regular delivering of food to people who can’t leave their homes.

Streets at the entrance of our town are full of grain trucks that are carrying wheat grain from the storages to the ports. Odessa port and two other ports nearby start their work now preparing the ships to export grain through the sea. The ports are always the targets of the enemy. We should pray for the people who work there and for the ships that will carry the grain, it’s a big risk for them.

Our days are pretty busy with different things but Sxxxx and I decided to do something for leisure. We began to have bicycle rides from time to time in the evening and we began to watch movies. The first months of the war I couldn’t watch anything at all. I just couldn’t concentrate, all my thoughts were at the battle field. Now after the time I spent in Romania I feel much better emotionally. It’s usually hard for us to decide what to watch because Sxxxx likes action and adventures and I like love stories and historical sagas. But we both like psychological drama. So, I can advise you two films that we both enjoyed. Last week we watched “Flight” with Denzel Washington and yesterday we watched “The Good Liar”.

I am going to our local defense center now where we make camouflage covers. We run out of green cloth. During these months local people have brought us a lot of second hand stuff, but now we don’t have enough. And some people began to dye fabric green. So that the paint does not disappear in rain and wet weather they boil the fabric with green dye. Very inventive.

I wish you to have a good day!

In Christ,

In the photo you can see our window. This is how the windows in our town look now. The sticking paper keeps glass from breaking by the blast waves.

One response to “7/29/2022”

  1. I’m praying the grain gets safely out of port and to its destinations. I’m also praying everyone gets the food and other necessities they need.

    I confess I too have been concentrating on the war less, and not praying as often. I do still wake up some days still calculating what time it is in Ukraine. Now I don’t feel as guilty forgetting for a few hours, because you say you can now concentrate on a movie. You see, I worked with a group of Ukrainians and Russians here in the USA, and our project finished a month before the Crimea invasion in 2014. It is heartbreaking for me that those young people could be on opposite sides. I am now retired. May God be with Ukraine!


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