7/30/2022 – Critically needed water filters on the way to Mycolaev

From MTW Kyiv missionaries Dal & Beth Stanton: Truly a story of God’s providence, we came into contact with individuals in the Denver area who were leveraging their resources to help Ukraine. After we completed three months serving on the MTW Ukraine Crisis Team in Kraków, Poland, we returned to home-base in Colorado for a time to decompress and to renew relationships with family.

A day after arriving in the US, because of our involvement with Ukraine, we were put in contact with some facinating individuals who are “all in” to help the people of Ukraine – each with NGOs being mobilized for Ukraine.

At one of these individual’s homes, we met the CEO and a fellow believer, John DeYoung, of a Denver-based water filter company, VivoBlu who also has a non-profit NGO, Water for All, to respond to the needs of Ukraine for clean water, and to other places of need in the world.

Later we met John at his company in Denver to see first hand the water filtering system in action.

These water filters are uniquely designed to address the challenging needs for pure water and will be a great blessing especially in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine where water treatment plants have been destroyed by Russian forces and river water is being directed into the potable water systems. The picture above shows John demonstrating a versatile ‘backpack’ form of the filter system.

The generosity of people contributing to the MTW Ukraine Crisis Fund, enabled us to purchase 225 of these filters at a discount for our churches in Ukraine and their communities. We took the pictures above at John’s warehouse in Denver – packing a crate for Ukraine.

At airport in Kraków

We have returned to Krakow briefly carrying with us 5 crates of water filters and 2 crates full of much needed medical equipment, supplies, and medicines from long-time Ukraine supporter, Dr. Wiley Smith, who we had the privilege of hosting in Krakow before when he and his wife, Karen, brought in crates of medical goods.

We continue to pray for the peace of Ukraine and thankful for the small ways we’ve been able to help.

7 responses to “7/30/2022 – Critically needed water filters on the way to Mycolaev”

  1. Thank you for this update, Dal. Very encouraging to hear of God’s providential provision of these water filters. In Christ, Jan Buchanan


  2. Great to hear you made it to Krakow. Those water filters will no doubt be of great value in Mycolaev and elsewhere. Thanks for toting the medicines, too!

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  3. Hi, I’m going to Poland in 3 weeks to deliver some crates. I would like to purchase these filters to take with me. I’ve tried to contact Vivoblu/Water For All, but haven’t heard back. Do you how I can best contact them. I attend a PCA church in Virginia.


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