8/2/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 160): Dear brothers and sisters, I want to thank you all for your prayer support, for you love and care and for your donations. It’s a big opportunity for us to serve people. People need food, this week we are going to make food bags for several groups of people. Today we will have our charitable breakfast for refugees that became a happy and joyful event for many people who come and enjoy fellowship with a cup of coffee and some desert. Many people ask if they can take some desserts home with them and we buy for them some tasty things they like in addition to what they have in the café. It’s nice that the staff of the café is very serving and polite and they became one team with us. Still we are thinking about the place of our own where we can work with refugees every day, where some people could stay and some could come when they need help and support. We began to look for the buildings for such centers in Odessa and in our town.

Yesterday the counselors of our center met in Zoom for a prayer. Sxxxx gave us a message of pastoral encouragement and then we prayed for each other, for our work, for our clients and for our country. Rxxxx didn’t feel well, he got some cold, his wife Txxx joined us in prayer. We were glad to see her. She works in the hospital and has been very busy these last months.

We want to share with you some stories of our clients:

Axxx, a young lady from Western Ukraine, who used to work in social media marketing and was a good photographer. Now she lives in Slovakia and when she first came there the job that she could find was the job of a cleaner. It was a big change and Alla was depressed, then she found a job at a factory which produces spices. Little by little she began to do her favorite things and return to her hobby. But she doesn’t have enough energy to live a full life. It makes her angry and jealous of people who are active and happy. She feels like a failure.

Lxxx, she lives in Ukraine in a city where many buildings have been ruined. She is a volunteer and together with other people sorts out the rubble of the ruins. She lives with a feeling of guilt that she doesn’t do enough to help, she wants to do more. But she has a feeling like she is lost and needs some directions. She wants somebody to tell her what to do to be more effective.

Vxxxx counseling Mxxx and children.

Mxxx, a mother of two children – Rxxx 12 and Axxxx 9. They lived in Bucha, when the occupation began they ran to a neighboring city Irpen, but that city was occupied soon, too. For about a week they were staying in the basement and couldn’t go out because of constant shooting outside. Then they couldn’t stay there any more and decided to leave. They came out and began to run, they fled under a hail of bombs. They were able to get out of the city and walked one day and night when finally got to the railway station where they took a train. They travelled to Europe, lived in different countries before

they came to France where they settled now. After their traumatic experience the boy began to have the problem of enuresis and the girl began spontaneously produce strange sounds like squealing. Because of this the children have problems at school. Their mother cries a lot.

Please, pray for our clients and for our counselors as they work with them.

In Christ,

One response to “8/2/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. The stories of Lxxx, Mxxx, and Axxx deeply resonated with me. The questions of purpose and the struggles of motherhood can only be amplified in the environment of war. I will pray that they will have hope. And that they will know and trust the One who supplies it.

    Thank you for these updates.


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