8/4/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 162): Dear brothers and sisters, It’s a nice morning. But at 3 a.m. there was an air alarm and as we woke up we began listening to the sounds outside. It was quiet. In the morning we found out that something was flying in our direction but was destroyed and fell into the sea.

Nikolayev has been heavily shelled. The city that resists to the enemy and stands on the way to Odessa more and more resembles Mariupol. At our charitable breakfast on Tuesday there was an elderly couple from Nikolayev, whose house was completely destroyed, they survived because they ran to the basement of the local supermarket that was opposite their house.

In the photos you can see how the streets of Nikolayev look this morning after night shelling. If Nikolayev falls Odessa will be the next point to be destroyed. ☹

When the counselors of our center share their stories they admit that now they work with children more and more. The topic of childhood trauma is very relevant today. Many children they work with were witnesses of very traumatic reality and there are children who stopped talking and became silent, many children began to wet their beds at night( including teenagers), children became very closed and don’t reveal any emotions, etc.

Yesterday we had our weekly seminar with MaryJo Burchard where we shared and discussed the cases and learned new practical methods we can use in our work. We are so thankful to all people who share their resources and equip us for our work.

The children of the refugees here miss their homes very much and want to go back. The explanation why it’s impossible now doesn’t work. But we are glad that teenagers in our support group are ready to move ahead with their lives, they all decided to study, some at schools, some entered collages and vocational schools.

I talked to one my friend yesterday and she says that she checks on her friends on Facebook every day and when she sees green lights in the list of contacts, she knows that they are alive. I did the same today and was glad to see the green lights of some my friends who are fighting now. They are alive, may God protect them where they are.

In Christ,

2 responses to “8/4/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Dear Lxxx,
    Thank you for sharing the photos, especially of the finished covering for the soldiers and their equipment!
    Continuing to pray for the children and the adults who have suffered so much!
    It is such a blessing that you all are there to listen and to comfort the weary!
    May the light of Jesus shine through you brightly and may the joy of God’s love fill many hearts as they heal from this tragedy.
    Love in Christ,


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