8/5/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 163): Dear brothers and sisters, We had a peaceful night, but I woke up at 4 a.m. and couldn’t sleep, probably because we are often woken up by sirens at this time. Some heavy thoughts came immediately and I started to pray to get rid of them. It calmed me down and I had some sleep.

In the photo you can see a rocket that fell but didn’t explode in Nikolayev

There were many hopes for the advance of our army, mass media talked all the time that in a few weeks our army would start the advance to liberate Kherson and all southern territories. But it didn’t happen, our army doesn’t have enough resources to do it and the only thing what they can do is to resist. It’s so hard to watch how Nikolayev is attacked, to read the stories of people who live in the occupied Kherson. We are losing hope and worry to have a long-lasting war.

Yesterday there was a meeting of our youth group and they were glad to be with Ivan who was free yesterday. They usually have a Bible lesson, they watch “The Chosen” series now and have some fun. It’s good that some teenagers refugees joined them.

Food that people receive in the food bags that we distribute.

We have a good cooperation with Pentecostal church “Grace” that meets in our building now. Tomorrow their church will distribute food bags and we will help them to organize everything, we will receive people, talk to them and help.

Few days ago I wrote about the arguments I had about views on history of Ukraine. There is another issue that is painful for us. Odessa region used to be Russian speaking area. Pro-Russian political parties often used this fact to manipulate the minds of people. Now more and more people start speaking Ukrainian. We have our worship service in Ukrainian, but there are people still speak Russian and pray in Russian. Some people began to argue and blame those who “speak the language of occupant”. Sxxxx yesterday addressed people in our prayer group and told them not to judge each other for the language they speak.

More ships with grain will leave our ports today. Our roads are not congested with the trucks any more, the trucks are able to take the grain to the nearest ports now. We thank God that our local farmers are able to work and harvest. And we feel so sorry for the farmers in Kherson region who can’t sell the fruits and vegetables they grow. Many farmers in Nikolayev region lost their harvest because many farms are destroyed.

The harvest in Odessa region.

Please, pray for our country and for our spirit to be high as we fight the evil.

In Christ,

2 responses to “8/5/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Dear Lxxx,

    Good news that Ixxx home for a visit with the youth. What a gift the Lord has given the young people as he shares his life with them. And how wonderful some of the refugee teenagers are also joining! The Lord is faithful to the next generation.

    Thank you again for the pictures.
    They speak in ways words cannot express.

    Your words, also sister, are powerful communication- the Lord has given you have a gracious and truth filled way of communication in your writing – always pointing back to the One Who is Grace and Truth. Thank you.

    The food bags look very nice. Praying for those receiving.

    Praying for the language conflict- that the heart conflict continued to be covered in and through the Lord.

    Loove in Christ


  2. Thank you for the updates and photographs! Praying that Ukrainians of either language will work together. Also for the help to refugees and continued trust in the Lord that He will save you from this war.


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