8/7/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 165): Dear brothers and sisters, We wish to have a good worship day!

We are looking forward to our worship today and we are ready to meet new people in our church. During this week I made several calls and talked to people I met last Sunday and I hope they will come today.

Yesterday evening Sxxxx and I had a bike ride and saw a young mother who came to our worship last Sunday and stayed for a women’s class. She was having a work with her baby, we stopped and talked to her, she asked us to pray for her little daughter Mxxx. We prayed right in the street with her.

Yesterday the Grace church presented their program and welcomed people, about 800 people came to our church and the program was repeated 4 times to let all people be present, they listened to the preaching and received food bags.

Our active volunteers – Ixxx and Vxxx.

We thank God for our youth group, our young people are a great blessing now. They volunteer everywhere, they do a lot of work in our church – kitchen work, arranging humanitarian aid and packing food bags, they help the projects of our counseling center and help the Grace church, that meets in our building now, with their projects, too. We thank God for new teenagers who joined the group this summer.

Yesterday evening we had a meeting of our support group which is divided into two subgroups now. The youth group and the group of older people, which I lead. We talked yesterday about how we can shine to the world with the skills we have. The people shared what they can do well and how they can use their skills in this current situation.

Vineyard in village of Shabo

Another very important step that we were able to do is to connect our group with a farm enterprise in village Shabo and next week they will start working in vineyards picking up grapes. People have been longing for jobs and now they are happy to be useful and be able to do something. Of course, this work is seasonal and they will work for a month or so but still it can be a good help for their budgets.

Please, pray for our youth to grow in faith and in good deeds. Pray for us to use every opportunity to minister, because “the harvest truly is plenteous” Matthew 9:37

In Christ,

2 responses to “8/7/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Dear Lxxx,
    I hope you had a very nice Lord’s Day.
    You had quite a crowd ! 800 people that the Lord brought to you. Amazing.

    The picture of Ixxx and Vxxx eating ice cream is very sweet.

    The youth group are such an encouragement to us as you share all the hard work they do in the kitchen, arranging aid and packing food bags as well as other projects and helping at the church.

    Truly wonderful that the Lord has given the youth work to do and a family of believers within that work., Glory to God for being faithful and growing these precious young people. And great news they have their own sub group support group.. The Lord is so good.

    Continued prayer for their relationships of the youth group with each other and with the rest of the church family. Continued prayer over the work they do and for them to make time in the Word.

    Love the verse on the harvest – and the beautiful picture.
    Your sister


  2. The kids at our Vacation Bible School are filling a Crates for Ukraine crate as their mission project. I used the pics of your youth to illustrate that what they are doing as kids here is going to be used by kids in Ukraine. Thank you for your faithful updates. We pray for you daily.


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