8/9/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 167): Dear brothers and sisters, It’s so nice to open the window and hear the singing of the birds. We thank God for a quiet night after a restless day yesterday. Five air alarms one after the other! Around 10 a.m. a few moments after the siren began I heard the sound of explosion.

This is what is left after the rocket was destroyed by our air defense the cloud in the sky.

Now we can tell when it’s a hit of something and when it’s an explosion in the air. I knew it was in the air. It was rather loud so I knew it was near. Later the information came about the rocket flying to the southern part of our town, this is where our church is located.

Our Bible study group that was meeting in the church when the rocket was flying to their direction.

People who were in the street at that moment saw the rocket in the sky and watched how it was destroyed. Sxxxx was in the church at that time leading a Bible study group.

In the photo you can see the model of the rocket that was flying to hit us yesterday.

Later when I came to the local defense center there was an alarm again and we went to the bomb shelter there. We always communicate with soldiers there and during the first month there were many soldiers who were having training, then we saw less and less and we knew that most of them were keeping watch on the coast where the enemy tried to land from the sea. Our boys didn’t give those orcs any chance to do it, so they stopped their attempts. This month we don’t see many soldiers and we know where they are now when there is such a fight for our southern lands.

Yesterday a group of soldiers were in the bomb shelter with us. Their tanned faces, dry skin and the look of their faces tell that they’ve just come from the front line. They were quiet and looked weary. So we didn’t talk to them letting them rest. Some of them were taking naps sitting there, some were reading something in their telephones and some were deep in their thoughts. I tried to guess what they were thinking about.

Few days ago I talked to my aunt, her son, my cousin (Vxxxx) is fighting near Nikolayev. He shared his impressions when his detachment entered one of the destroyed villages in that area. The buildings were all destroyed and there were no people, everybody left. And they saw many farm animals walking around. -pigs, cows, chickens. He grew up on a farm and with a big pity he watched the cows which were grazing during the day in the fields but in the evening each cow went home, to the yard where it lives. But nobody meets them there, nobody milks them…

I read a lot about the life of people in the occupied cities. The teachers in Kherson refused to work at schools and teach according to Russian curriculums. The presenter of one of Russian TV channels was so angry for such a disrespect to Russia that suggested to shoot the teachers who refuse to work for Russia. I have no words to comment it….

Please, pray for our soldiers, for the people on the occupied territory and for our soldiers in captivity. Please, give thanks to the Lord for keeping us safe in our town.

In Christ,

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