8/11/2022 – 48 hours after Crimea – more Russian atrocities uncovered

From Jamie Peipon: With the strike on Crimea almost 48 hours in the past, the traffic jam to leave the peninsula is still backed up. In the picture below, you can see the highway that leads to the bridge back to mainland Russia is packed. According to today’s follow-up reports, there were at least 60 russians who died and over 100 injured from the attack on the military airport. Russian state TV says nothing at all was lost: “Everything is fine, nothing to see here!” The satellite images released today, however, tell a different story. Ukraine estimates that 9 fighter jets were destroyed. Analysts online seem to believe that 9 is a very conservative estimate. It is almost certain that if 9 were destroyed, there were quite a few more that were significantly damaged.

I wrote a few days back about Amnesty International’s story on Ukraine and how the leader of Ukraine’s branch of the organization resigned in protest. She was not alone. The co-founder of the Swedish branch of the organization also resigned saying that the reason Ukrainian soldiers happened to be “near civilians” as the report stated is because they were defending civilians.

These Russian atrocities have remained unnoticed by many. There is evidence of Russian military personnel booby-trapping the trunks of cars, toys, kitchen cabinets, washing machines, hospital beds, and even a piano. The US State Department has also noticed this and said today that they “expect this to be one of the largest landmine and unexploded ordinance challenges in decades.” Thankfully, that comment was accompanied with $89 million for the demining project in Ukraine. The State Department intends to deploy demining teams and to train further Ukrainians on the process.

It is also important to remember that even on days when Ukraine is creating relatively good news, there are constantly issues lurking in the background. Officials in the city of Bucha are getting close to concluding their investigation into what happened there while they were under Russian occupation. They have uncovered 458 bodies: 366 of them were men, 9 children, and 86 women. 5 of the bodies were in such poor condition that they could not determine the person’s sex. Reportedly, 419 of those 458 bodies show signs of being shot, beaten, and even tortured. Gruesomely… investigators have an entire bag of body parts which seem not to belong to any of the bodies. All of these people were civilians.

“How long, O Lord, will you look on?
Rescue me from their destruction,
my precious life from the lions!”

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