8/12/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 170): Dear brothers and sisters, A cloudy sky and a cool wind make this day comfortable to be outside. I think about our soldiers in the trenches, in the fields, how hard for them to be there in summer heat wearing all the ammunition. I hope this day will make it easier for them.

This photo is of the shelling of a nuclear power plant.

We feel so much tension now about Zaporizhzhia nuclear power station which is under constant shooting. The enemy uses this situation to make everybody frightened of nuclear catastrophe. They use this nuclear station to force all the countries do what they want. It’s terrible and it’s so stupid to play with nuclear toys. I remember very well the tragedy of Chernobyl and even a thought that it can happen again makes me sick.

Yesterday our youth group met and had fun together. They talked about church, what church is. It was very useful especially for the new guys who have very vague idea about this topic.

New shoes for the family of refugees,

The school will start soon and we are thinking how we can help the refugee kids to prepare for school. We want to buy stationaries and some clothes for them. Among our refugees there are families with many children, we will help them first.

The photo is of our volunteers – Ixxx, Vxxx and Vxxx ( the Vxxx I write about is the girl with a white purse)

We thank God for his help and guidance. And one thing that we especially thank for is our volunteers who help us in our work with refugees. It would be really hard for Txxx and me to take care of such a big group that we have now. One of our volunteer is Vxxx ( we have several Vxxxs 😊) She is a nurse by prrofession but she works at the home appliances store as a shop assistant. She is a member of messianic evangelical church. She showed herself very caring and empathetic girl. She works with a group of teenagers-refugees. I watched her and noticed that she does it with a big joy and love. I asked her if she would like to study psychology at a Christian university and she thought about it a little and then told that this is what she feels calling for. I hope we will have a new counselor in our center soon.

In Christ,

One response to “8/12/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. That is so wonderful! There are young people who care more about others, not just themselves! Thank the Lord for these young ladies!


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