8/13/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky – Bringing music to the war

Jean-Marie and Sxxx, our church musician, are rehearsing to play together at the concert.

From Lxxx (Day 171): Dear brothers and sisters, It’s a special day for us because today we will have an organ concert in our church. Our good friend, a faithful Christian and a big patriot of Ukraine, Jean-Marie Leroy came from Paris, France to support us and to encourage us in our fight. He has played several concerts in different cities in the west of our country and today the concert “Inspiring Victory” will take place in our church. It’s a big event for our town and we expect many people to come.

Yesterday we had a zoom meeting with the counselors of our center and discussed our vision and plans for the future. The main direction in our work now is helping people with traumas of war and helping refugees. So many people left their homes and many of them will not be able to come back because their homes are destroyed. They need places to live. We communicate with a big number of people every day. Ukrainians who are in Europe now are looking forward to the time when it will be safe enough to return home.

Txxx, Vxxx and me making plans for the group.

In our town and in Odessa we know many people who came from different places and also are not sure when they will come back. The homes of many people from such cities like Kharkiv and Mariupol are destroyed. The refugees we work with are mostly old people and women with children. We help them as we can, but now we feel a need of our own facility where we can settle people and where refugees can come to get help and counseling, where we can work with them helping to adjust to changes and to start a new life. We are looking for such a facility in Odessa and in our town. Please, pray for our efforts.

There is one more thing we ask you to pray about. We want to start a Bible study group for new people in our church and I want to direct the refugees from our support group to come to the Bible study.

The situation at the nuclear power station in Zaporizhia is still tensed. Yesterday there were four artillery attacks on the station. May God give at least some wisdom to those who are so much blinded by the evil they do.

We hope for a good day and pray it to be peaceful and full of blessings for the people who will come to our church today.

In Christ,

One response to “8/13/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky – Bringing music to the war”

  1. Dear Lxxx

    The organ concert sounds like it will be wonderful. Very kind Jean Marie made the trip to you all.

    Praying the Lord will bring you the refugee facility needed – Good news the Lord is bringing so many people to you.

    Praying for the Bible study for the new people in your church and those invited from the refugee group.
    His Word will not come back void! How wonderful the Lord is working His plan this way.

    Praying the evil stopped at Zaporizhia.

    Again, thank you for the beautiful pictures. It is so special to see the The faces of brothers and sisters – His family is the best !
    Have a wonderful Lords Day.
    Your sister in Christ,


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