8/13/2022 – Crates for Ukraine from Jackson, MS

ADMIN: The MTW Ukraine Crisis Team in Kraków, Poland, has registered 139 couriers from Aug 2 to Sept 1 bringing with them an estimated 1000 crates for Ukraine which have arrived or scheduled to arrive in the month of August. THANK YOU!

From Jamie Peipon: Dear, friends. Thanks so much for such hard work on the Crates for Ukraine project. In one of these pictures (above), you can see less than half of the crates that the saints of First Presbyterian Church of Jackson, MS put together. This is a great victory for love, generosity, and sacrificial giving. I’m so grateful for all the hard work and quiet faithfulness that so many have invested and it has been an encouragement to see such a huge number of people, from kids to adults, all engaged together in this mission to serve a sister denomination in Ukraine.

In the other picture, you can see the crate that I was hoping to fill with tourniquets… it is now overflowing with too many to fit in one crate. It doesn’t look particularly remarkable, but this crate has about $9,000 worth of tourniquets in it. Some of these tourniquets came with notes saying where the person who bought them was from. This crate not only represents a great deal of funds, it also represents support from:

Mississippi, Florida, Maryland, Delaware, Ohio, Massachusetts, Washington, Hawaii, Texas, Louisiana, and Germany.

Thanks to you all for your generosity and making this remarkable crate possible. If you happened to send one (or 25) and your location isn’t listed above, please comment with where you sent from. I’d love to have a comprehensive list.

“Whoever oppresses a poor man insults his Maker, but he who is generous to the needy honors Him.”

4 responses to “8/13/2022 – Crates for Ukraine from Jackson, MS”

  1. How wonderful! It reminds me of the Hebrews giving for the tabernacle and to David for the temple. Yes, God opens the hearts of people to give to such great causes–and this is one of them!


  2. Dear Jamie,
    My husband and I just returned from Poland yesterday, we brought 18 crates with amazing generosity from two churches in Williamsburg, Va, from a church in NJ and from Dr. Wiley Smith. Also, with contributions from family and friends from NH to TX.
    It was such an incredible privilege and blessing to be a part of showing love to the Ukrainians!
    Thanks to all who have made this possible.
    Love in Christ,
    Jill (formerly DeVere) and David Nobles

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