8/15/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 173): Dear brothers and sisters, It’s a new day and we feel pleasantly tired after the weekend. We had so many good things happened.

Our worship yesterday was blessed by the music that Jean-Marie played and our church music group sang a new psalm that was very special. The music was written by Bill Fiess based on a Ukrainian folk song and the lyrics by Marcia Hornok based on Psalm 7 that was translated into Ukrainian.

After the worship service Jean-Marie played the concert devoted to 200th anniversary of Cesar Frank. It was started with a prayer for peace. At the end of the concert Jean-Marie also played the music of Ukrainian composers – “Melody” of Skoryk and together with Sxxx, the musician of our church, he played the concert of Bortnyansky. It was very special, among the audience there were people from different cities of Ukraine who take refuge in our town now, many of them came up after the concert and shared what it meant for them.

Last week were expecting humanitarian aid from Romania. Many organizations from this country send help to Ukraine. They help us with food, medicines and clothes. The truck with food was supposed to come on Saturday to our church but there was some delay and it came on Sunday. So after the organ concert we all went home for a short time to change clothes and came back to the church to unload the truck.

It was fun to work together, the men did lifting and carrying and the rest us were piling. Sxxx Lxxxx, who has a gift of organizing everything gave directions how to place everything in the basement so that it would be easy to make food bags later, our youth were inspiring us with their endless optimism and jokes.

After the truck was unloaded Sxxxx came up to thank the truck driver, a man from the center of Ukraine who travels on his truck a lot back and forth to Europe now. The man began to talk about his personal problems and it was a spontaneous counseling session. It is very unusual for men in Ukraine who tend to be closed and reserved. I think, he was watching us working joyfully and felt safe to open his soul. At the end of their talk Sxxxx could share with him a good news of our God who can do amazing things when we feel helpless.

It is going to be a busy week and our youth are already in the church this morning, they start to pack food bags.

Thank you for your prayers and for your help to our country.

In Christ,

2 responses to “8/15/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. God gives opportunities to share the Gospel and His love when we are least expecting to do so. Thank you for being so faithful to tell His story and act upon His instructions, despite the hardships that surround you. May our Lord’s light continue to be reflected in your lives. I pray that the peace of Christ resides in your hearts during this unimaginably horrific time.


  2. How encouraging to hear of these blessings. I can only imagine how beautiful the concert was and the joy it brought. May the Lord give you all strength as you continue to serve him throughout this busy week. May the Lord open hearts to the Gospel as you distribute the supplies. God bless that driver and cause the words of wisdom spoken to him to resonate and give him peace.


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