8/19/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (day 177): This week is especially busy for our church. Our church members come to the church early every day to prepare everything to meet people who come during the day. We got acquaintance with many people from our community during the previous months when we were distributing help and now to avoid crowding we made lists and invite small groups of people every day to receive food bags.

It gives us an opportunity to talk and to invite them to the church. Of course, besides those who are listed, new people come, too and we try to give time to everybody. I am glad to see our tireless volunteers, the girls from our youth group in the church early morning every day. I know how young people love to sleep long when they don’t have school.

Yesterday I had a tea party with my neighbors. Sxxxx and I live with my parents in their house now because they need help. But we often come to our apartment which is downtown. Yesterday I came there to pick up some stuff and heard a knock at the door. It was an old lady from another apartment, she was crying and shaking. She told that she was scared to stay in her apartment alone, she felt bad and needed a doctor. She wanted to see Sxxxx because when we lived there Sxxxx used to visit old ladies in our building, talk to them and help them. And they know that Sxxxx was a doctor in his past always wanted to share with him their health problems, he listened and explained to them what was happening and how they should deal with their problems and often after those talks they began to feel better. Now they miss Sxxxx. Watching Jxxx (this is that lady’s name) I understood that she was having a panic attack. I went down with her to our yard where other ladies of her age were sitting on the bench and suggested to have tea together. I made some mint tea and we had a good time together in our yard among blooming flowers.

There is some news from our counselors Vxxxx and Axxx, who are in France now. Besides the work with the refugees there, they volunteer at small manufacturing where they assemble solar batteries which they send to our soldiers.

It helps them to charge their gadgets in the places where there is no electricity. They receive many good responses from the soldiers who use these batteries.

Yesterday our president met with the president of Turkey Erdogan and with the U.N. secretary Guterres. They discussed the grain deal that works pretty well now and other things which are very painful for us now, like nuclear threat at Zaporizhya power plan and the exchange of war captives with Russia. Many people were watching the news about their meeting wondering whether they will touch the topic of the possibility of the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia. We already know how is it to have negotiation with the country that can only dictate its will. Later mass media spread the statement of our president that Ukraine will start negotiation with Russia only if the country-aggressor moves out their troops from the occupied territories of Ukraine. We all said “yes!”, because our enemy doesn’t understand any other language than the language of force.

Let’s pray for peace.
In Christ,

One response to “8/19/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Just as God worked in the heart of Nebuchadnezzar and softened Cyrus’ heart to allow the Jews to return to their homeland to rebuild their temple, so I pray that Putin would drop this aggression and agree to peace.


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