8/23/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 181): Dear brothers and sisters, We had a quiet night and we hope to have a peaceful day. This day was always a double holiday for us – the Day of National Flag and the day of liberation of our town from fascists – in 1944 on this day there was a big battle, the Soviet army advanced and crossed the Dniester river and the German army retreated after that. How ironic now to see the army which uses the symbols of the Soviet army and the same tactics of sacrificing big numbers of their soldiers to bring so much death and destruction.

Yesterday Sxxxx and I visited a disabled lady in our apartment building. We brought her a food bag and spent some time with her talking. She was so glad to see us and we saw that talking to her was as much important as to bring food. She told us about her grandchildren who left to Europe and shared with us her worries for our country. It’s interesting that in the midst of her worries and fears she has no doubt in victory and also fights a battle communicating the truth to her pro-Russian relatives.

Our counselor, Rxxxx told me yesterday about his meeting with a chaplain who came to our office in Odessa. He asked Rxxxx to share with him some techniques and experience that he can use in his work with soldiers. But the conversation turned into a counseling session. The man began to share terrible things that he witnesses and that make him very traumatized. Rxxxx told me that we need to think of some special program to rehabilitate chaplains and help them deal with their traumas. These people carry so much burden of those they serve.

There are several families of refugees in Odessa that our center is taking care of. They all are settled and Rxxxx works with them, does regular counseling and provides help. Last week our center gave help to one of these families to prepare children for school. We bought them stationaries and clothes.

There are many plans for this day – charitable breakfast for refugees and then – some work in the church. We start decorating our church for the wedding and prepare more food bags for the people from our community.

I wish you to have a good day full of blessings,
In Christ,

3 responses to “8/23/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Dear Lxxx,

    Praying today for a peaceful and safe National Flag Day. Thank you for the historical background – I am learning so much.

    Yes, the dear chaplains need to be cared for too. Praying for this man. Good news that the Lord led him to Rxxx.

    Beautiful pictures of the children getting their school supplies.

    Prayed for the disable lady in your apartment building. What a blessing you and Sxxx were to her.

    Praying for you all as you decorate for the wedding – joyful to see these young people honor the Lord and the church family share the joy.

    Love in Christ, your sister,


  2. So glad your able to minister to so many different people. May the good Lord, vontinue yo estanlish the work of your hands. Love seeing the smile on the little girl’s face.

    I cannot fathom what chaplains, military are being exposed to, and then being challenged in their faith. Such suffering..praying the Lord holds unto them, guides, counsels, and ministers to them by his Holy Spirit.


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