8/24/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Reflections on Independence Day

From Lxxx (Day 182): Dear brothers and sisters, Today we celebrate the Independence Day. Throughout all our history, our country defended its independence and fought against invaders. In 1991, when the Soviet Union collapsed and we became independent, so many new directions and new opportunities were opened up for our country. But we had to go through many trials that are not over yet. We went through severe inflation, deep economic crisis and rampant crime period in the 90s before we began to rise and develop as an independent country. All thirty years of our independence we were fighting against pro-Russian forces and corruption and balancing between east and west. But there were also many good achievements like the development of science and culture. People in Ukraine love to study and there are many universities colleges and other educational establishments where our young people can get professional specialties and learn new skills.

Now as we look back we can say that Ukraine is a Christian nation. Many new churches appeared and became strong and numerous during the years of independence. We can see the impact of that on our society now.

And most importantly, a new generation that grew up during the years of independence love their country and is ready to protect and rebuild it. Now, when such a terrible war is going on, we see the indomitable spirit and strong will of our people, who are fighting so bravely with the enemy for freedom and independence.

Yesterday there was a special holiday atmosphere during our charitable breakfast. The people came with flags and balloons. We greeted each other and celebrated our country.

We see the progress of people we work with. Some of them found jobs, that’s very encouraging. Yesterday a teenager boy was hired as a waiter at the café where we have our breakfasts. They all became one friendly group that enjoy being together and have fun. And we see the change of their mood. Praise the Lord! And we thank everybody who supports our ministry.

Yesterday we started decorating our church for the wedding. We want it to be very special for Ivan and Lauren.

We have been warned that the enemy may be especially cruel on this day of our holiday. We had two air alarms this night and in the morning we found out that two rockets that were heading our beach zone were destroyed in the sky over the sea. We thank God for His protection.

We thank you for your prayers for our country and for your love and care.

In Christ,

One response to “8/24/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Reflections on Independence Day”

  1. I stumbled on this video, concert in Ukraine with Michael W Smith. Soooo beautiful and a testimony to Ukraine. I’ve never seen anything like it before, so many people giving glory to God. A taste of heaven.

    Continue to pray for you and your country. 🦋


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