8/25/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Reflecting on a president and faith

From Lxxx (Day 183): Dear brothers and sisters, First of all I want to thank you for your greetings and for your encouragement and support of our country. We thank your countries for helping Ukraine.

We had a good day yesterday though there were many air alarms – four at night and five during the day. Praise the Lord, nothing happened in our area. Because of constant threat all mass events were forbidden and people celebrated at homes. We made shish kebabs and we had celebration with our parents.

Ukrainians that are abroad now had a lot of mass celebrations in the streets and squares of the cities where they live. Our daughter, Katya, sent us the photos of celebration in Brasov, Romania. Many people with Ukrainian flags came to the meeting in the city center. Many Romanians came to celebrate with them.

As the war started.

Our President, Volodymyr Zelensky, addressed the nation with a speech. We watched this man who looks ten years older now than six months ago and thanked God for him, for his strong position, for his love to his country and to his people and for his faith.


In 2019, during presidential elections our family didn’t vote for him and we were skeptical and upset when he became our president. We thought that because he had no experience in politics, in solving economic issues he is not capable of such position. For us he was just a famous actor. And another thing that was very important for us in our decision not to vote for Volodymyr Zelensky was the fact that he honestly told that he was an atheist, unlike previous presidents, who have always taken part in church ceremonies and were posing for cameras doing that.

We are amazed what God can do and how God can equip and use a person who least of all looked like a strong leader. We are so proud of him now and admire what he is doing now in this extremely difficult situation for our country. And the most exciting thing is watching the changes of his heart. He often talks about God in his speeches now, he encourages the people of Ukraine to turn to God and rely upon God. And in his words and actions we see the wisdom that can come only from God.

This is a quote of one his speeches: “They want to destroy Odesa as well. But they will see only the bottom of the Black Sea. Because they are the bottom. Assumption Cathedral in Kharkiv became the target of Russia. One of the oldest Orthodox monuments of the city, monuments of Ukraine. During the war, the cathedral is a shelter for Kharkiv residents. Shelter for all people: both believers and non-believers. For everyone, because everyone is equal. Now this holy place is destroyed by war. They are not afraid even of this! They take advantage of the fact that God does not give an instant rebuff. But He sees and answers. He answers in such a way that you cannot hide. There is no such bunker to survive a response from God”–

Sxxxx and I want it be an encouragement for all our friends in different countries of the world, we should not stop praying for your leaders, God can do amazing things in them and through them.

In Christ,

P.S. You can see the photos of our president during the first days of the war and now, the photo of Ukrainian meeting in Brasov, Romania and the shish kebabs that Sergey cooked yesterday 😊

8 responses to “8/25/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Reflecting on a president and faith”

  1. Dear Lxxx,
    Wonderful to hear you got to celebrate Independence Day with your family. The shashlik looks delicious!
    Thank you for explaining more about President Zelenskyy, we pray for him and his salvation and it is good to learn more on how to pray for him. Great to hear of how he talks about God and how God has been changing his heart.
    Love in Christ,


  2. Praise God! Who but God! He moves earth and stars for the fulfillment of his plans for his people.

    Truly none can hide from his hand! Non can withstand his chastisement! But his children he shelters and lavishes blessing everlasting!


  3. Praise the Lord! Pharaoh is a simple pawn in his hand for the blessing of his people.

    None can withstand his chastisement but his children know blessing for ever!


  4. Yes, President Zelenskyy was a famous entertainer, but he is also a law school graduate. God uses all for His purposes. Thank you, Lxxx, for your daily posts!


  5. Your description of how the Lord has used this awful war to change the heart of your president and to free him to encourage the prayers of believers is such an encouragement. He is right – God sees and answers and there is no hiding from His judgement.


  6. God is good. Thanking Him for caring for you and all who face aggression and danger. Thank you, also, for sharing what President Zelensky is saying in his messages. We don’t always hear his messages.
    Praying for peace.


  7. I heard the President was Jewish. Glad there were no bombs, casualities on this day as you celebrated. Praying for ✌


  8. I’m thankful that God raised up a leader like President Zelenskyy in such a time. May God bless him and all Ukraine and end this war.


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