8/26/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Plans to expand refugee work in Odesa

From Lxxx (Day 184): Dear brothers and sisters, We wish you a good day and a good morning!

Yesterday we had another day full of blessings. Our big group of refugees met in our church. It was a good meeting, Sxxxx welcomed everybody and said that we want them to get better acquainted with our church, he shared some facts of church history and the history of our church in particular. Then our elder Valeriy gave his testimony and invited them to meet regularly to study the Word of God and discuss spiritual things.

Then we answered the questions people had. Some of these people have already begun to attend our Sunday worship service. When they were leaving everybody received a food bag. We hope they will be interested to come for Bible study every Thursday.

As I’ve already written before we have plans to develop and make more organized our work with refugees in Odessa. It’s a big city and we need a place that would be the center of our work. Next week I plan to go to Odesa and meet with our counselors, we will look and discuss the options we have as for the building for the facility. If God moves your hearts to help us with this you can send your donations to Pathway Ministries. (more information is below)

The family of our elder Vxxxx.

Yesterday our elder Vxxxx Vxxxxxxx celebrated his 70th birthday. Many people from our church came to congratulate him and it was so nice to be together. He feels weaker and looks thinner than he used to be. We can see that his battle with lung cancer is wearing him out, but we are glad that he feels a little bit better than few weeks ago. He is active enough, but coughs a lot.

There was a rehearsal for the wedding in the evening yesterday, we all are anticipating for this important event. Our ladies finish decorations and today they will start cooking. We pray for a peaceful and blessed day tomorrow.

And some disturbing news from Zaporizhya nuclear power plant. The work of the power station was stopped yesterday. The emergency protection of the power units worked – after Russian shelling damaged the last working line of the station’s power output to the Ukrainian power system. It was a very dangerous moment, if the automation did not work after the blackout, then we would face the consequences of the radiation accident. Russia has put Ukraine and all Europeans one step away from a radiation disaster.

Please, pray for this terrible war to come to an end. May God bring His Victory over evil!

In Christ,

Please, send your donations to Pathway Ministries (Designate to ‘Rodnik’/Spring Ministry)
E. Langston Haygood,D.Min.,Ph.D.
Pathway Ministries, Inc.
288 Huntington Parc Circle
Birmingham, AL 35226

One response to “8/26/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Plans to expand refugee work in Odesa”

  1. Dear Lxxx,
    Great news that so many came to the meeting and heard about church history and the Lord and heard Vxxxxx testimony and got food.
    Praying they will return and join bible study also.

    Praying for a place in Odesa for the work the Lord trusts you to do for Him.

    Lovely picture of Vxxxx and his family. Happy Birthday to him.

    Praying for the wedding for a peaceful and joyful day as everyone shared in this special wedding day.

    Praying for continued safety at nuclear plant .
    In Christ,


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