8/27/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Wedding preparations in the midst of war

The reception hall readied for the special event.

From Lxxx (Day 185): Dear brothers and sisters, This weekend is very special for us, we were looking forward to it. Today is the wedding day of Ixxxx and Lxxx. Ixxxx grew up in our church we remember him since he made his first steps. One of the privileges of being a part of God’s family is to rejoice and weep together whatever happens in our life. It’s a very joyful event that we all celebrate today.

All our church was busy this week, everybody did some preparations. Our music group were rehearsing the music for the wedding, some people were making decorations, others were preparing guest rooms for the guests from other cities, our ladies who are responsible for cooking food even stayed for a night in the church to have more time for preparing food.

In the photo you can see a groom who came to the church early today

What adds to our joy is the arrival of our dear brother Pxxxx who got few days of vacation and came home from the hot spot to be the best man of Ixxxx at his wedding. Finally this day came. What a blessing to have this happy event in the church after several months of worries and sadness.

We hope to have a peaceful day and pray for the safety of our area.

There is a big discussion in our town about changing the names of some of our streets and even changing the name of our town. So many our names are related to the Soviet Union times and people now hate is as never before. But the older generation resists it because these names remind them their youth and some happy moments of life.

It’s encouraging that the grain export has been operating for almost a month, and during this time, the first million tons of agricultural products were exported from our three seaports.

The school year will start on September 1, but most of educational establishments will work online. The main condition of the off-line work is the availability of a bomb shelter that corresponds all the rules – toilets, water supply, etc. And only 30 per cent of our schools have the shelters that meet all demands. The rest of the students will study at homes. But we hope so much that it will not last forever. At some point the war will end with a victory and we all will return to our peaceful life.

Please, pray with us about it.

In Christ,

3 responses to “8/27/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Wedding preparations in the midst of war”

  1. Joyful times in the midst of aweful war. God keeps showering his blessings. We must keep our eyes and ears open to see them and deepen our faith. Praying for you all. Praising for the for the Unity of your community and how women each do their part. Beautiful flowers on the wall. Each made with love and care Becky

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  2. Please share picture of bride and groom in wedding ceremony. 😊Rejoicing with you in this happy occasion that the church can share in. May God, Father. Son and Holy Spirit bless them and their union, all the days of their lives. 🦋💕


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