8/30/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky

From Lxxx (Day 187): Dear brothers and sisters, The summer is coming to an end and it’s a strange feeling that there was no summer because there was no beach and swimming.

Yesterday we travelled to Odessa (Txxx, Sxxxx and me). We started early to avoid traffic jam, but it’s impossible to avoid it because there are so many trucks on the road that bring goods from Europe to our southern area. There are less check points now than there used to be in the beginning of the war but still we have to stop there and wait. Sxxxx got an idea at the point of a big road congestion and made a detour using some village roads. It helped us to save some time and in three hours we got to Odessa (when the road congestion is very bad it takes people 5 hours to make a trip from our town to Odessa).

It was so nice to be in Odessa. The city looks more lively than in spring when everything was closed and there were no people in the streets. Now we see more people, the stores and cafés work but still it’s not the same as it was in peaceful time when there were a lot of tourists around and the cafes were full of people.

We were glad to meet with our counselors Vxxx and Rxxxx who live in Odessa because during several last months we communicated only through Zoom and phones to coordinate our work. We had lunch together in a café with a strange feeling of being special guests there because there were very few visitors and we were given a good service and a lot of attention.

We are working at organizing a refugee center in Odessa and the vision that we have must be realized in certain projects. We had a lot to discuss yesterday and many ideas each of us had were united into one big plan. We also visited a volunteer center in Odessa to see how everything works there. It’s very good that there are many volunteer organizations who work together to help people and meet their needs. Everything is good there but the project we are thinking about is going to be different. We want it to be a Christian center where together with material and emotional needs we will address spiritual needs of people. We already have this experience of working with the refugees in our town. We see an amazing process of healing in them.

Please, pray with us for the building for the center. Our main goal now is to find an appropriate facility where people could live and where we could work with them. We have already found one place that we really like but we decided to see more options. So, we spent all day looking at different pieces of property. We want to look at some more before we make a final decision.

Praise the Lord it was a peaceful day, no alarms and we could do everything what we had planned. While we were in the café Rxxxx read the news about the advance of our army towards the occupied city of Kherson, he immediately called his dad who lives there. His father told that non-stop cannonading is heard everywhere. We all revived, filled with hope and began to pray for the liberation of our occupied cities. When our army implements their plans they don’t disclose much information about it. So we have expectations and hopes and are waiting for some good news.

Please, pray for the liberation of all our territory.

In Christ,

2 responses to “8/30/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky”

  1. Dear Lxxx,
    Great to hear you had a safe and productive day in Odessa!
    I am praying for God to provide you all with the right building to reach out to the hurting and bring them healing through the hope of the gospel.
    Also, praying for God to push the enemy out and liberate Kherson and other areas from being occupied!
    May the war come to an end soon!
    Love in Christ,


  2. We are praying for the success of the Ukrainian army. May the Lord paralyze the enemy with fear and thwart all his wicked plans. May the Lord give success to the liberation efforts,

    May the Lord also lead and guide as you make decisions for this new outreach. May He provide for every need.


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