8/31/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Need of a refugee center

From Lxxx (Day 188): Dear brothers and sisters, The last day of summer is nice. We were asked to keep information silence while our army is making an advance in the south not to let the enemy know what is happening. It means that people who live in the areas of war activity should not share any videos, should not write any posts and should not make any calls sharing the information of what is going on. It’s hard not to know what is happening but we practice patience and are waiting for the official news.

Yesterday we had some new people at our charitable breakfast and we had some individual talks with the people who are already the part of the group. It’s good that they are open and ready to talk.

Mxxx and her husband came to our town from the east, their city is occupied and almost destroyed. Mxxx is 77 and her husband is 80, he is seriously ill, actually he is dying of cancer. Maria is taking care of him. Their only son lives in St. Petersburg in Russia and they don’t communicate. He doesn’t believe what they tell him, he thinks they exaggerate and tells them to be patient and wait till Russia “liberate” all territory of Ukraine. Mxxx feels all alone in this situation. Last week when she came to a group meeting she smiled for the first time during several months. She is a teacher by professions and she used to teach biology at school. She immediately felt support and care in the group.

Photo of Mxxx having talk with Txxx, Sxxxx from Nikolayev

Sxxxx from Nikolayev joined our group two months ago. We remember him being very sad during our first meeting. Now he is very positive and active. He is the one who contacted farmers and organized seasonal jobs for some of our refugees who pick up grapes. He came with a basket of grapes and treated everybody in the café. The person like him needs a group very much. He feels well when he is around people.

Bxxxx, a 12-year-old boy came with his mother from Donetsk region. He is not talkative by nature. With the approaching a new school year he became very depressed. Every day he tells his mother that he wants to go back to his home, his friends and his school. By now the building of the school in his town is completely destroyed like the most of the buildings in their city. He knows about it but doesn’t want to accept it, he cries and says that he doesn’t want to study online. We think it would be good for him to come to our youth group and make new friends.

We have many clients online with similar stories. People who are abroad now, want to come back home, but the homes of many of them are destroyed. That’s why the idea of refugee center in Odessa is so important now. We hope to find an appropriate building where some people could stay and some people could come to get help.

In Christ,

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One response to “8/31/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Need of a refugee center”

  1. I remember when Txxx first came..what a transformation in his countenance. So glad he is feeling useful and being able to have a sense if community again. My heart breaks for Mxxx whose only son, doesn’t “get it”, been brainwashed, and her husband suffering so. Will be praying for them. Also for the young boy, 12 years is a hard age as it is..hope he is able to get the help and encouragement he needs. Canr imagine losing so much at such a young age, but will praying his loss may turn to gain, knowing Christ.


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