9/1/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Praying for our soldiers

From Lxxx (Day 189): Dear brothers and sisters, The first day of autumn brings cool weather and little rain gives a feeling of freshness. Every day for us starts with hope and we of the Victory and try to bring it closer.

We still don’t have much information about the war activities in the south, but we heard about the liberation of some villages and the destruction of enemy’s weapon storages and bases.

Many wounded soldiers are brought to Odessa hospitals these days, new medial units are opened in Odessa area, many people in Odessa go to the hospitals to donate blood.


We pray hard for Pxxxx, who is right in the midst of war activities now and for all other soldiers there. Our special prayer for Dr. Yxxxxx who works very hard in Nikolayev.

Today our refugee group will meet in our church for the Bible class. We pray for the Holy Spirit to open the hearts and minds of people.

We bought some more stationaries and clothes for Sxxxx who starts studying in the college in Odessa. He is one of five children of a big family that came to our town from Kherson. We hope he will do well there and we want to connect him to the refugee group in Odessa.

We also are planning a baby shower event for Nxxx, a pregnant girl in our group. We hope it will be special for her and her family and she will feel loved and cared.

We also plan to visit some people of our community and give them food bags. We made some lists of the families with disabled children and elderly people, we want to have regular contacts with them.

We talked to our son yesterday and he shared with us about an interesting volunteer project he and his co-workers are doing right now. They buy drones and adjust them for specific purposes of our military operations.

Please, pray for our soldiers who are fighting in the south and in other parts of our land and for the efforts of all people to bring Victory.

In Christ,

3 responses to “9/1/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Praying for our soldiers”

  1. Thank the Lord for the supplies for this upcoming college student and mother-to-be. It’s the little things that make a difference and become very big to the recipients!


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