9/3/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Missing soldiers/sons

From Lxxx (Day 191): Dear brothers and sisters, I want to send you the greetings from the counselors of our center and many thanks for your prayers and support.

Yesterday we had our weekly Zoom meeting where we share our news of the week, discuss some cases of our clients, support each other and pray. We always look forward to this time together because it gives encouragement and inspiration.

Here are some stories we discussed yesterday:

The war for Nxxx started in 2014 when Russia attacked the east of our country. Her city was bombed and there were a lot of helicopters that were constantly flying and shooting. Nxxx left her home and moved to Kiev then. But this spring she experienced the terror of bombing again and had to leave again. Nxxx and her mother who is sick with cancer went to Italy. She has adjusted to a new life pretty well. She studies at the university and works. She takes care of her mother and everything is fine with them. But in the place where they live there are many helicopters and they often fly around. Each time she hears the sound of a helicopter she has a panic attack, she falls down on the ground and cries. Our counselor, Vxxx is working with Nxxx to help her with her panic attacks.

Vxxxx, the missing soldier and son

Axxxx and Txxx:
Yesterday our counselor Txxx met with a couple from the village nearby. They have five children and two elder sons went to the army right when the war started in February. They lost contacts with their second son, Vxxxx, who is 21. Last time he called was March 6, since then they
don’t have any information of him. They watch Russian news with a hope to get some information.

Photo from the video, spread by Russian TV of capturing Ukrainian soldiers. Please, pray for each of these boys and for all others who are in Russian prisons and camps.

Once they saw video where Russian soldiers were taken captives and there was a group of Ukrainian soldiers there. One of them looked like their son but they were not sure
because the video was not clear. There is a group of families in Ukraine who are looking for their relatives who are lost, Axxxx and Txxx joined this group and communicate with other parents and wives who also live with this uncertainty knowing nothing about their dear ones. We bought some pastries for their younger children and we want to keep contact with them giving them
support and help.

Our counselors, Vxxxx and Axxx who are in France now, work with the refugees there. There are many Ukrainians who came from Kiev area, people who suffered the terrors of occupation and torturing in spring. Axxx told about two children she is working with, their friends died and they feel sad. Axxx used art therapy with them. They drew pictures of their friends and then put
those pictures inside the balloon and let it go. Angela explained to them that their friends went to be with God where there are no pain and no sufferings any more. She saw the changes in the girl, after that she began to draw her new friends she has now and her pictures are bright and happy now. But the boy stopped coming, his mother didn’t understand the act of saying good bye to his
friends who had died and thought that it was just bringing back painful memories. We need to pray for this boy and his mother.

Please, pray for our work and for all the people we interact with.

In Christ,

2 responses to “9/3/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky: Missing soldiers/sons”

  1. Praying for the captive soldiers, for mercy and that the comfort of the Holy Spirit would be theirs and their families. May the Lord Jesus heal the hearts of those who have suffered so much and carry their sorrow and fears.


  2. My heart breaks for these men and women, kids who are suffering so. Will pray for the family who has lost their son, plus those who are POW’s. Praying Psalm 121, may they know of God’s care and deliverance, in life or death. May they know the love of Jesus, where nothing can separate them from him.


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