9/4/2022 – Belgorod Dnestrovsky – A baby shower and waiting in war

From Lxxx (Day 192): Dear brothers and sisters, Yesterday our day was full of positive emotions and we enjoyed the time with the group of our refugees.

We had a baby shower for Nxxx, who is going to have a baby next month. Nxxx and Pxxxx have been married for a year. A week before the war Nxxx found out that she is pregnant. And then her joy was mixed with worries and fear. They were able to leave the occupied Kherson a month ago. Now they are settled here and feel safe.

We had a good time together. We read verses from the Scripture about children who are the gift of God, how God plans their life while they are in their mother’s womb and knows all their days. Then we played games, gave gifts and enjoyed the dessert. It’s good that Nastya feels the support and care.

Then we had the meeting of the support group. We talked about belonging, what is means, to belong to a group, how we feel when we belong and what our needs are. We all need acceptance, attention, support and we want to be safe. We had a good discussion and people in the group shared how they feel belonging to different groups in their life: school, colleagues at work, friends, relatives. One lady who worked as a gymnastics coach all her life shared the peculiarities of a sport team, a man who organized a group to pick grapes on a farm shared the specifics of belonging to a working brigade. It was interesting to hear about their different experience and to discover more about the idea of belonging. We also discussed the parables from the Scripture as examples.

Our prayers and thoughts are about Kherson and Nikolayev, our southern cities. Kherson is still under the occupation and Nikolayev is often bombed. The reality of the war is very different from the stories in the books and films. When we hear some positive news, we immediately have expectations of changes, but everything changes very slowly and it’s hard to wait and it’s hard when we have almost no news and don’t know what is going on.

Please, pray with us for the liberation of our territories and for our victory.

In Christ,

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