9/4/2022 – L’viv and Crates for Ukraine

Couriers arriving with crates at the Krakow airport.

From Heero Hacquebord (L’viv Church pastor and MTW missionary): Our church has been honored to partner with many of you – with hundreds of churches in the U.S. from various denominations – through the Crates for Ukraine project which has recently drawn to a close.

Crates unloaded at the warehouse in Krakow, Poland.

Over the summer 1,315 crates were packed and flown as luggage with couriers to Krakow, Poland. In many instances airlines did not charge extra baggage fees for this humanitarian aid of mostly personal hygiene, wound care and basic meds.

Sorting crates’ contents at the warehouse in L’viv.

From Krakow crates have been driven in vans across the border to our warehouse in L’viv, where the contents of every box is sorted for future distribution to our churches and other contacts across Ukraine.

A recent beneficiary of “Crates for Ukraine” in a Ukrainian village.

We pray that God will use these crates not only to relieve people’s physical needs, but to bear witness to His love and prepare the ground for future church planting. While this project has been a tangible way for many in the U.S. to help those in dire need, it has also been a wonderful way for people in our church to work together and show the love of Christ to others. Thank you very much to everyone who has helped to make this possible!

A beneficiary of “Crates for Ukraine”.
A beneficiary of “Crates for Ukraine”.

3 responses to “9/4/2022 – L’viv and Crates for Ukraine”

  1. What a great blessing to see the crates in use. After all the many miraculous details that came together to get them there. Praise Father!

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  2. The Bible mentions more than one instance of generosity–items were requested for the tabernacle in the wilderness and the temple built by
    Solomon. The people rejoiced in David’s day, and I rejoice with Ukraine today for the generosity!


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