9/5/2022 – The work of the church continues to expand

From Lyuda (Day 193): Dear brothers and sisters, It’s a nice day the start of a new week and we are on the way to Odessa.

Soup kitchen in Odesa

Our center is gradually resuming the work in the office after mostly working online. Our plan now is to start the groups of refugees in Odessa and to move in the same direction as we work with the groups in our town – we deal with emotional trauma, help people to adjust to a new place and accept new reality, then we go to spiritual level and share gospel to people. It’s very important to have contacts with a church and bring people into the fellowship of saints.

Street evangelism in Odesa

We have very good contacts with the church of our counselor Vika, and her pastor Paul. We are ready to plan some new projects together. The soup kitchen has been working for three months already and we see several groups of people who are regular visitors: 1) refugees 2) elderly people 3) there is a street market close to the place where the soup kitchen is, so some occasional people from the market come to enjoy the food, to listen and to talk. Vika does most of the cooking and she also buys the medicines for the old ladies.

We continue looking for a building for a refugee center where we are going to implement all our ideas and plans. Please, pray for the building that God wants us to have and for the provision of funds for it.

We had a good worship yesterday. It was nice to see Ixxxx and Lauren who came back from the trip they had to the Carpathian mountains. More refugees from our group come to the church,

Lena, the teacher of music

I was glad to see Lena, a young woman from Kherson. We worried of her more than of others. She was always depressed and gloomy. When others in the group began to show the signs of revival she stayed silent and depressed, she didn’t want to talk during the meetings, she never made notes and never answered the questions we asked. It looked like there was no progress in her. She is a teacher of music, she plays the piano. She told that she hasn’t played since February. After our worship was over, I introduced Lena to our church musician, they talked a little bit and then Lena went to the piano and started to play. I watched her and noticed that her face expression became different. We told her she can come and play during the week.

Sergey had a Zoom meeting with our Ukrainian pastors last week. Many churches today distribute humanitarian help to people and serve refugees, give help to hospitals and work with needy people in their communities. The churches in Kharkiv, Kherson, and Nikolayev need our special prayer. Kherson is occupied, the church members who are still there try to be in contact with each other and support old and sick people. Most of church members of Kharkiv and Kherson left but ministers keep contacts with people who are still there and try to fill their needs. They also help people of the community and people in the villages.

Please, pray for the ministry of the churches who are in a very difficult circumstances.

In Christ,

2 responses to “9/5/2022 – The work of the church continues to expand”

  1. Dear Lxxx,
    It is amazing what you all are doing to bring hope and comfort to the suffering!
    I will pray for the captured soldiers and for the missing. Also praying for the building that is needed to help refugees.
    May God provide in many ways and bring many people to know salvation through Jesus Christ. And May He give comfort to the loved ones who are looking for their missing family and friends who have served as soldiers.
    Love in Christ,


  2. Dear Lxxx,

    Praying for the work in Odesa.
    Thank you again for the pictures. The kingdom of God is always on the move, and the pictures are so encouraging.

    Praying for the precious ones the Lord brings you, the refugees and the elderly.

    Glad the newlyweds were with you from their trip this Sabbath day.
    And glory to God more refugees are visiting church.

    Praying for Lena. So glad she started to play music again. Praying she will stop by church during the week and play the piano. Praying she continues to attend the meetings and grow.

    Continued prayer for the churches in difficult circumstance,
    Your sister in Christ,


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