9/8/2022 – Brasov, Romania: Family joys

The photo of my grandchildren, Justin, Yara and Lera.

From Lyuda (Day 196): Dear brothers and sisters, I am in Romania and I am happy to be with my grandchildren.

My trip was good. I travelled by bus through Moldova and enjoyed the views of beautiful fields and gardens. How nice when people can work on their fields in peaceful country.

I had some adventure in Chisinau. When I came there I had five hours before my next bus to Brasov, which was late in the evening, and I decided to leave my suit-case in a left-luggage office and go for a walk around the city. I came back forty minutes before my bus departure and found the left-luggage office locked. I asked the worker of the café nearby and he told me that it doesn’t work at night and will be opened only in the morning. I was lost, nobody told me that it closes for a night and that guy advised me to ask the guard of the bus station. The guard told me that the worker of the left-luggage office might have left the key to somebody and sent me to another guard who went with me to the left-luggage office desk where the worker had been sitting during the day. To my great surprise he opened the cabinet of the desk which was not locked and took out the key, then he opened the door where I saw many suit-cases stored, I took mine, he locked the door and put the key back in the cabinet of the desk. Probably all the travelers who go through that station are very honest, but because we live in a sinful world, I don’t advise any of you who plans to travel through Chisinau by bus to leave your luggage in such places. 😊

I traveled to Brasov during the night and I slept most of the time. There were many young people from Moldova, the students who study in Romania. It’s interesting that young people in Moldova don’t speak Russian, but they speak good English and people of my age don’t speak English, they speak Moldavian and Russian.

It’s very nice to be in Brasov again. The climate here is much cooler which is very pleasant. I had fun playing and talking to the children, we went for a walk and in the evening I went to the Bible study. I was so glad to see my dear sisters there. We discussed the parable of the vineyard where the workers received the same payment, no matter how long they worked. It was nice to share the ideas of how we understand the idea of it. We also shared prayer requests and prayed for each other.

Last week I had a good occasion to share this parable at our support group meeting. Some of our refugees work at the vineyard and they are upset that their payment is lower than of other workers who regularly work there. And though the real idea of the parable is the Kingdom of God and His mercy to us who come at different time of our life to serve there, it was helpful to explain that the owner decides how much he pays the people who are experienced and who are new workers.

I enjoy my time here and I wish you to have a good day full of blessings.

In Christ,

2 responses to “9/8/2022 – Brasov, Romania: Family joys”

  1. It is lovely to read and see life in your new normal. I thank God he guarded your luggage and got it back to you safely. Continuing to pray for Ukraine. May God end this war soon. Our church prays for all of you each weekend. We are held an led by His good hand Becky Sent from my iPhone



  2. Dear Lyuda,
    Good to hear you made it safely to Brasov, along with your luggage! 😊
    Also, great you got to meet with your dear sisters and study the Scriptures!
    Love in Christ,


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