9/12/2022 – Day 200: Day of worship in Brasov, Romania

From Lyuda (Day 200): Dear brothers and sisters, It’s a nice morning and I hope to have a good week. Yesterday the day was full of positive emotions. It was so nice to be in the church, to see my friends there. We had a good worship and the Lord Supper. The kids had a Sunday school class which they enjoyed very much.

The church is growing and there are new people. They have good music. Masha, the girl from our church who used to play drums in our church music group, plays drums in the church here.

I talked to the ladies from Odessa church whose mood was so down in June, when I saw them, now their mood is better they seem to adjust pretty well by now but their strongest desire is to go back home. It’s so important to be in the church for people who are away from home it helps to have a feeling of home and family.

After the church we went to McDonald’s. My grandchildren love going there, actually all kids in Ukraine love of McDonald’s and going there is a treat for them. And though I am not a fan of McDonald’s I like going there with my grandchildren, it’s nice to see them happy. I don’t have to do anything there. The kids easily make orders on a touch screen and then enjoy the food.

Yesterday evening I talked to our counselors on Zoom and we discussed the plan of one more project that can be an important area of our work, it’s work with war veteran’s families, their wives and children. They need psychological help and rehabilitation, too. Our counselor, Vova, who has been working with veterans in Odessa military hospital since 2014, says that wives who come to visit their wounded husbands often need a place to stay. We can help them with this and also we need to develop the program of rehabilitation for the family members of war veterans.

I also talked to Sergey, he feels sad, he misses Vitaliy after working closely together for so many years.

Thank you for your prayers. I wish you to have a good week.

In Christ,

One response to “9/12/2022 – Day 200: Day of worship in Brasov, Romania”

  1. Thank you for being so faithful to share the everyday matters. We get the big news but not the daily lives and struggles you see. I pray God co to yes to give you His eyes ears and Hands to bring help and hope. We are held and led by His Good hand Becky

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