9/14/2022 – From Brasov

From Lyuda (Day 203): Dear brothers and sisters, It’s a cool morning, but it’s going to be a nice day. Here in Brasov nights can be really cold but during the day it gets warm and nice. I heard that the weather in Ukraine got much cooler now, too. And when we talk about weather now we always think about our soldiers. It was a hot summer and they often had to be in the open fields, now it’s more comfortable but soon the weather will become cold.

Our counselor Tanya with our volunteer Vika.

Yesterday, Tanya, our counselor, led the charitable breakfast. And we can see some difference now, some people come and sit for some time, talking and enjoying the time with other people and some, who found jobs, come, have breakfast and hurry to work. It’s good that some people work, in addition to the income they get, they feel much better having purpose and feeling busy. The people who work in vineyard are getting used to a completely new activity. Only one lady of them have experience of picking grapes.

The work is rather hard physically for those who never did it before, but on the other hand it’s good to work in a fresh air, and do physical activity. Sergey (man in a white hat) is the one who organized people to pick up grapes in one of the vineyards in the village nearby. He is a taskmaster and cares for his workers really well.

Irina ( a woman in a brown sweater) is a massage specialist, she didn’t find a job of a massagist but she could find a job in a vet’s clinic. She helps the vet with the animals, she holds them during the procedures and takes care of them afterwards. She likes what she is doing.

Nadya ( a woman with a plate) looks after an old lady in the her neighborhood. Being a mother of five children she says it’s a normal work for her.

I talk to Sergey every day and he shared with me the news in the church. He told me about three new ladies who came to the Bible study on Monday. They are women with an atheistic past and with pro-Russian convictions, one of them was especially skeptical. It was hard to involve them in Bible study discussion because they had no understanding at all about what church is and what Christianity is about. Sergey invited them to come the next day to talk. They came yesterday and Sergey gave them a tour over the church building, told them about church and tried to share gospel. It’s hard to talk to people whose mind is so brainwashed by soviet propaganda in past and by Russian propaganda now. But it’s good that they came to the church and asked questions. Sergey hopes the Holy Spirit will take away the veil of lie and give them understanding.

My day today will consist of playing, walking, doing some math with my grandchildren, some cooking and of course reading. Just fun.

I wish you to have a good day
In Christ,

3 responses to “9/14/2022 – From Brasov”

  1. Thank the Lord that He provided alternate opportunities of work for people outside their regular routine. Especially glad for the vineyard owner who takes care of his workers! Even though the pro-Russian individuals may be skeptical, at least they visited. May the Holy Spirit work in their hearts.


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