9/15/2022 – From Brasov, Romania: Liberation of Ukraine continues

From Lyuda (Day 204): Dear brothers and sisters, It’s nice to wake up and read good news from home.

In five days our army covered 110 kilometers. In total, almost 400 settlements were liberated. The 150,000 Ukrainians who remained in this territory now again feel what a normal, safe, life is like. Our President assured that the Ukrainian flag will return to all parts of our country including Crimea. Yesterday President Zelensky visited the liberated city of Izyum. “It is possible to temporarily occupy the territories of our state. But it is definitely impossible to occupy the Ukrainian people. You try to brainwash, but you can’t do that with the hearts of Ukrainians,” Zelensky said.

Before the start of a school year Russian teachers came to the occupied cities and started teaching in school the subjects of Russian curriculum, because many Ukrainian teachers refused to work under Russian government and teach their propaganda. So Russian teachers started working at schools teaching their variant of history and other subjects in Russian. When our army began counteroffensive, everything happened so fast that Russian militaries ran away leaving everything behind. And nobody thought of taking their teachers with them. Russian teachers are arrested now and they will be judged as people who illegally came to the territory of Ukraine for the purpose of subversion and destruction of the foundations of the state.

Yesterday in the middle of the day a sudden siren made me jump. It came from my phone and I was surprised to hear it here in peaceful Romania. Then a message came about a bear walking in one of the streets of Brasov and warning for people in that area to stay inside. My grandchildren ran to the balcony hoping to see a bear and asked if it was the same bear they saw in the zoo the other day, maybe he ran away. I explained them that a lot of bears live in the forest near the city. For us it’s very unusual to see bears in the streets of the city.

We had a very good Bible study for women yesterday. We studied parables of Jesus. The ladies who came were from different churches and different backgrounds. There were two Baptist women, two orthodox and a bunch of Presbyterian. But we had such a unity together discussing the parable of vineyard workers. So many questions came up and we had interesting discussions.

The women shared prayer requests. Their main needs are – education for children, places to stay when their contract for staying where they are now is over. There are apartments where two families stay together and share the same kitchen and bathroom. Now some of them want to live separately and are looking for an apartment to rent. But it’s hard to find an apartment in Brasov now.

I plan to go with my daughter to the main volunteer center today to see their work there. And I hope to meet no bears in the street today. 😊

Thank you for your prayers and for your support.

In Christ,

4 responses to “9/15/2022 – From Brasov, Romania: Liberation of Ukraine continues”

  1. Such good news. There is nothing like a good women’s Bible study to lift our spirits. Good to hear you have so many opportunities with women of faith to bolster you when talking to those still bound in darkness. Blessings to you all.


  2. WOW, 400 settlements..Yay! Yay! Yay! 😊😊😊 In Christ, we are unified. Ephesians 4:1-3. Glad you had a good bible study. 🍁


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